How to transfer the deposit on to a trading account?
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Thread: How to transfer the deposit on to a trading account?

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    How to transfer the deposit on to a trading account?

    Conditions of the bonus transferring on to a trading account:
    1. The bonus transferring on a real account is executed according to the user’s application. Applications are admitted monthly from the 1stup to 5th.
      Bonus deposit on to account is executed monthly 6th.
      If the sixth falls on a weekend, the deposit will be executed on the first working day after the weekend.

    2. The bonus value must be more, than 1000 cents.

    3. The field “RoboForex registration e-mail” within Your Forum Profile must be completed.
      This field can be completed during the registration of after the user got the “Newbie” status that is having more than 5 posts and Forum registration more than two days. After completing this field is not shown within the user’s Profile and available for edition and/or display by Forum Administrators only.

    4. Bonus can be deposited only on to accounts conformed to the following conditions:
      • Trading platform - MetaTrader4;
      • Currency – USD;
      • Account type - MT4 Pro-Cent, MT4 Fix-cent;
      • Partner code – roboforum

    Bonus can not be transferred on to account with another parameters.

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    1. Log in “My profile” from the main Forum page

    2. Choose the “Communicative bonus” tab within Your Profile.

    3. Press the button “Payment request: Apply”. Read the notification and confirm the request.

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