When the user transferred in to the “Newbie” group, he/she gets the additional profile fields: ID, it is needed to list the mailbox, under which the account is registered in the RoboForex Company; Field for the account number.
Important: After the mailbox and account are listed, the user has no ability to change it. These measures are needed for bonus fraud prevention.

  1. Log in “My profile” from the main Forum page http://forum.roboforex.com/forum.php

  2. Choose the “Communicative bonus” tab within Your Profile. Acquaint with the account opening terms. In case You have no account conformed to the conditions listed, You should open such an account and add it to Your Profile by pressing the button “+Add account”.

  3. Complete the fields “RoboForex registration e-mail” and “Account number with a partner code”.

Now Your account is added to Your Profile. The account number changing is available through the Forum Administrators only.