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    Not everyone can muster the courage to take a bold decision the first time and be confident about its success. What about you? Do you make a lot of right decisions every day? How do they turn out to be? Have you ever thought about the success of all your Right decision making?

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    The difference lies not only in the meaning of the two words, but in many other things first of all, forex has very few alternatives compared to the stock exchange, which has thousands of them.
    But what distinguishes Forex is that it works 24 hours a day, five days a week.
    The stock exchange operates only for hours and depends on the country in which it is traded.
    On the stock exchange currency payment is necessary for intermediary companies to carry out the matters of buying and selling while forex is paid in the form of spreads and this is better
    The stock market is not fixed and you find it a constantly falling bullish and profit is the time of the ascent you will buy and profit at the time of the fall = loss
    There is transparency in Forex so you can see the news and data to see the progress of the spouse you will trade on. It is the opposite of a stock exchange that hides information, which may leak, which is considered to be a lack of credibility.
    Buy and sell in Forex at the push of a button while the stock exchange there are complications and overlaps before buying and selling.
    Liquidity in the exchange restricts the work while liquidity in Forex is huge makes the arrival of money instant to the client these are the most differences between the stock exchange and forex

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