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Thread: PLAN your trade and TRADE your plan

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    yes always make a plan and trade according to your plan. be determined and have patience in yourself. never ever go in against your plan such as doing over trading or being greedy etc. be focused.
    Action Plan should you place yourself and also can be played Climate Action Plan in every month after achieving some of the profit or loss because you increase the capital and pull some profits if the plan has achieved success in this month, and I do this method always

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    yes we must have a good trading while do trade on real account in forex market and we should always make a good trading plan before start trading for that day because every day is new day and forex market always changing every day,so we must plan according to forex market condition every day..

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    This is a great phrase. A traders entire job is to plan a trade and trade his pan efficiently. A traders job does not end by merely developing a good plan after analyzing the amrket. To stick to our plan and use it efficiently to earn profits we need to have discipline and emotional contorl

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    Planning is one of the first task which every newbie must do before trading . No matter you are scalper, hedger, short term intra day trader, or long term trader, you have plan your trades. Otherwise , without planning , it becomes difficult to trade with one clear direction.

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    These are precisely correct statements but how many traders know all these things and apply it in there trading in a consistent basis, a lot of trades knows the basic but cannot apply in real time consistently because of bad psychology or bad mind set, not is wrong with all of these things but in order to be able to implement all these things in trading we must take care first of our psychology, it will be difficult to progress as a good trader if we cannot handle our emotions very well in all of our trading activities.

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    But I always use my own way trading and I have invented my own successful trading strategies because I believe the best plan is the one is generated from within of yours.

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    I think you have tried to tell us about some techniques and their benefits. Anyway thank you for your composing. I think that "A-Class trades" is to basically hold out for a chance and when that chance comes going for that. This is also known as multiple dealing design.

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    to find planing trade very dificult,so can you tell me what better we look for system trade for my self or we see planing from profesional trader?because with see sytem plan from profesional trader make enjoy trading.if you can give me file pdf about plan trading profitable i will very much thank you.

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    It is certainly very important for a forex trader to have a plan that they normally use in their trading. But it is well known that having a good money management plan is far more important than any technical trading style or strategy

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    Thank your brother. this is very good explain .and I think without planing any one can not gain on his life . so planing is not important only for FX but it is must essential for all situation of our life. and a prefect plan can change our life style .so we need to make a plan for our trading.

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