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Thread: 10 Difference between mt4 and mt 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eneregha View Post
    There are some differences between this platform but they are all good platform to trade with, because this platform work almost the same way so they are both good platform to trade with, but before we start to trade in the live account it's very important that we spend some time to practice and learn how to trade in the demo account, we should get ourselves families with any of the platform and have a good experience about the market before trading in the live account.
    All platforms are actually just the tools to open trades and as far as your trading is good, everything is good. Both platforms are good and constant development take place, like now hedging is possible with Mt5 too. Lot of traders have used the mt4 and continue to use the same since it has all the good features and tools and there is no need to move to MT5.

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    Thank you for specifying the difference between Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platform, because we do not all know that this businessman knows these differences here, but in terms of the speed of execution of all the traders talking about, I think it is not faster than MetaTrader 4 It's faster if the speed of the MetaTrader 4 platform is accurate All right.

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    well these differences doesnt matter to make difference between these platform both are goo but people still prefer the old version of this platform meta trader 4 because it has the best user interface and the best features then mt5 and people have became familiar with it and dont want to change their working style.

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    For me I never use metatrader 5 platform I use metatrader 4 platform and I don't know the differents betwen this and this informations help me to discover metatrader 5 platform I Will try it later and if I find other differents I Will writi it for you but I think metatrader 4 platform is good also so friend thank you for this informations

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    Quote Originally Posted by yantow08 View Post
    [lang=id]1 Installation Simple and straightforward. Broker server address required during account opening during installation (MT4)
    Metaquotes trading server now included as a default in the opening account phase of the installation. But pinging the server does not work
    sometimes. Ability to add new server from MT5 for a demo account included. (MT5)

    2 Charts/ Timeframe 9 Timeframes (MT4)
    21 Timeframes from 1min to 1month and unlimited number of charts. 100 charts can be opened at a time. (MT5)

    3 Fundamental Analysis (news trading) (MT4)
    Does not have Forex Calendar A separate economic calendar tab with features like news event, schedule, impact, forecast, previous & others. (MT5)

    4 Commerce/ Market Does not have commerce integrated into the platform. You have to visit MQL4.com for Market Place. (mt4)
    Integrated into the platform. You can directly purchase Forex products from MQL through the Market tab on the platform. (mT5)

    5 Indicators & Analytical Objects 30 inbuilt indicators. (mT4)
    38 inbuilt indicators. New indicators added. 22 Analytical Objects, 46 graphical objects. (MT5)

    6 Orders 2 market orders, & 4 pending orders (mT4)
    2 marker orders, 6 pending orders, 2 stop orders. (mT5)

    7 Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4 Editor & Strategy Tester. EAs are designed with MQL code language and they are faster to compile. Cannot port EA
    code on MT4 to MT5. So EAs on MT4 would not work on MT5. (mT4)
    MetaTrader 5 Editor, Improved Strategy Tester, Strategy Tester Agent Manager for remote optimization of expert advisors, e.t.c. EAs are designed with
    C++ and they are quite slower to compile. (mT5)

    8 Interface Easier to navigate around. One click trading and Drag and drop is only included in MT4 Build 500 version. (MT4)
    Few additions in the design interface. Search box included, Details tab on the Market Watch window. One Click trading, drag and drop, e.t.c. (MT5)

    9 Trading (Hedging, FIFO, e.t.c.) Allows all trading methods.However broker regulations are implemented on their MT4 platforms. (MT4)
    Does not support hedging & implements FIFO by default. (MT5)

    10 Brokers More brokers deliver their services on MT4 than MT5. (MT4)
    Not much when compared to brokers who deliver their services on MT4. (MT5).[/lang]

    agree with what you described in this thread regarding the differences in MT4 and MT5. for me MT4 remains the best idol and platform. even though the latest update has followed technological developments, MT5 is not yet so familiar. so I'm not used to it and can't understand how MT5 works.

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    Mt4 on mobile is a small version of mt4 on computer, computer trading terminal is the mother of all because you can access all trading tools and features in that of the computer version, there are some tools which we cannot access on the mobile version, beside the mobile version has smaller screen and not too good for a perfect analysis, analysis is best done on computer version.

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    Technically mt5 terminals are advanced than mt4 terminals, but its not essential for everyone to use mt5. To me its familiar to remain in mt4 terminal. In some special cases like demo contests I use the mt5 terminal. Otherwise I like my mt4 terminals as I've configured it with my necessary indicators. I can do trade with mt5 terminals but I must follow the mt4 terminal.

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    This is the good information for all the traders . there are so many common difference . the trader choose the best strategy for the trading they earn a lot of money from the trading . we can invest large amount and also earn large profit . many traders cannot see these 10 main difference before . they are not using the latest trading strategy .

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    if what I feel myself after trying to use MT5, I can conclude that the operation is easier to use MT4 compared to using MT5 or maybe I am not familiar with MT5 but when I choose to choose I will still choose MT4 compared to MT5 other than the display mt5 which is not so good to see and I prefer to see the appearance of mt4

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    i prefer meta trader 4 because it is more effective for me and i can set the strategy i prefer on it and so this makes trading is profitable for me, the trader can be able to make more and more money with any of them because they both are good and so the trader should be able to test both of them and see of them will be suitable for him.

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