10 Difference between mt4 and mt 5
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Thread: 10 Difference between mt4 and mt 5

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    10 Difference between mt4 and mt 5

    1 Installation Simple and straightforward. Broker server address required during account opening during installation (MT4)
    Metaquotes trading server now included as a default in the opening account phase of the installation. But pinging the server does not work
    sometimes. Ability to add new server from MT5 for a demo account included. (MT5)

    2 Charts/ Timeframe 9 Timeframes (MT4)
    21 Timeframes from 1min to 1month and unlimited number of charts. 100 charts can be opened at a time. (MT5)

    3 Fundamental Analysis (news trading) (MT4)
    Does not have Forex Calendar A separate economic calendar tab with features like news event, schedule, impact, forecast, previous & others. (MT5)

    4 Commerce/ Market Does not have commerce integrated into the platform. You have to visit MQL4.com for Market Place. (mt4)
    Integrated into the platform. You can directly purchase Forex products from MQL through the Market tab on the platform. (mT5)

    5 Indicators & Analytical Objects 30 inbuilt indicators. (mT4)
    38 inbuilt indicators. New indicators added. 22 Analytical Objects, 46 graphical objects. (MT5)

    6 Orders 2 market orders, & 4 pending orders (mT4)
    2 marker orders, 6 pending orders, 2 stop orders. (mT5)

    7 Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4 Editor & Strategy Tester. EAs are designed with MQL code language and they are faster to compile. Cannot port EA
    code on MT4 to MT5. So EAs on MT4 would not work on MT5. (mT4)
    MetaTrader 5 Editor, Improved Strategy Tester, Strategy Tester Agent Manager for remote optimization of expert advisors, e.t.c. EAs are designed with
    C++ and they are quite slower to compile. (mT5)

    8 Interface Easier to navigate around. One click trading and Drag and drop is only included in MT4 Build 500 version. (MT4)
    Few additions in the design interface. Search box included, Details tab on the Market Watch window. One Click trading, drag and drop, e.t.c. (MT5)

    9 Trading (Hedging, FIFO, e.t.c.) Allows all trading methods.However broker regulations are implemented on their MT4 platforms. (MT4)
    Does not support hedging & implements FIFO by default. (MT5)

    10 Brokers More brokers deliver their services on MT4 than MT5. (MT4)
    Not much when compared to brokers who deliver their services on MT4. (MT5).

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    This is very informative thread through which I came to know about the difference between Mt4 and Mt5. Earlier I was quite ignorant about it and now came to know about it elaborately. I would like to express my heartiest thanks to sharing such a good informative thread. Expect to continue such types of authentic thread so that we can take more lesson.

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    I never use mt5 platform but I know that there are no hedging feature in mt5. Really I don't know that there are more time frames in mt5. I think mt5 platform has more complete than mt4 platform. But unfortunately this platform has change or delete some feature in mt4 platform. So maybe mt4 still more familia for retail traders.

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    right rinaji meta trader 4 software is still best for us and most of all traders are doing trading only mt4 software rather than mt five software as we can see in the thread there is no hedging possible in mt five software but there are many time frames for good trading analysis so in my view both softwares have their weak and strong points

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    That's very true dear most of people are still using meta trader 4 software the main motive of everyone is to make money in forex so they don't focus much on trading softwares since many years we are using only meta trader 4 software and trader's are very happy with meta trader trader 4 only

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    Yes is the most prevalent and is most commonly used for getting used majority of traffickers and I personally used it is the
    best for me and Lee was the first trade through this
    The issuance 5 It does not appeal to me, but some of my friends say it's a good

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    I can see in the thread that hedging is not applicable in meta trader 5 software so i not want to use this software for now as we know that the use of hedging is very important some time in trading mostly i do hedging rather than using stop loss in trading i am very satisfy with meta trader 4 rather than mt5 for now

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    I want to tell you that in meta trader 5, the news tab is available, you need to see that again, in meta trader 5 of roboforex has news tab and your last point, it is true that most of the brokers are not offering meta trader 5, because of its hedging problems. I personally know some brokers who left meta trader 5 just because of non interest of their traders in meta trader 5, and some brokers are offering demo contests in meta trader 5 for the sake of attraction.

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    these business research are old we should try to always upgrade out business research if we really want the lifestyle of efficient industry research to keep flourish in this excellent community because there are many investors who can not do an efficient industry research so tey all look up to us and they want to get more from us.

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    There might be come technical differences when we are trading in different trading terminals, but it is always the best thing for the traders to ensure that such differences if is intervening in the regular gains to be made, then traders should always make sure that they are very much sure of their trading preference and use the one which they like the most.

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