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Thread: Are you trading with mt4 platform with your mobile phone?

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    Yes am trading with meta trader 4 platform and according to my experience it's a very good and reliable platform to trade with, I have used mt4 both on computer and mobile device and both of them work very well but this days am more focus trading with my mobile device because it's more convenient for me to trade with, mt4 is really a good terminal that we all love to use.

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    Yes I am already using metatrader 4 on my personal computer laptop and also now I am using it on my mobile phone because it is very easy useful and ease of doing trading. it has all the options all the indicators expert Advisors and many more you can use anything to earn profit in forex market. Thank you very much to brocade farmer making MT4 software.

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    Am doing my trading mostly with my mobile phone, though analysis is done mostly on my computer while I execute the trade on my mobile phone and keep tracks of the trades with my mobile phone as well, because I can take my mobile phone anywhere I want, it's more convenient for me to keep tracks of my trading performance with my mobile phone.

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    Trading from a phone doesn't seem like a serious trading to me. Having the mobile app installed for a backup is fine - if there is a problem with electricity or internet or we need to urgently go somewhere we can manage our opened positions from it. But having it as the main trading device - it's just wrong. I can't even sit comfortably for a long time holding a mobile, let alone the tiny screen leaving too much space before our eyes, which can get filled with distractions pretty easily.
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