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Thread: Are you trading with mt4 platform with your mobile phone?

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    I use trading platform own a mobile phone just to follow up on the case of positions It is the reality of experience trading platform on Mobile gorgeous and makes me I can move after entering in positions I tried to work on the Android operating system does not exist any technical problems

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    yes i am using mt4 on mobile, i have android phone and using mt4 on mobile, actually sit in front of pc always is not possible so we can use mobile phone at any place, we can check news, can use indicators all same like pc, so we can check market and orders at any place on mobile phone, this is best thing really which make us confortable, we all should use mobile application for trading

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    the use of a mobile platform is onebof the best decision you can make as a forex trade you have to know that this is one of the ways that you can always be trading even when you are on the road so far the one that i have used isbthe android version of thebtrading platform this one is somehow difficult because you can not add any external indicators

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    i have never traded on the phone before because i never liked the idea of doing so, i use my mt4 to trade because that is the only way i know to carry out a proper market analysis with which i can not trade the market,the only thing that i use my phone to do sometimes is to monitor the price of the market using the phone and this this has really help me to monitor what i need to do in case i was not with my laptop.another thing is that phone can not give me the kind of fullness of the platform.

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    Yes I do Trade On Both trading platform Mobile Trading Is Better Than Trading On Your Computer Because when You Have This Platform You Can Trade Anywhere You Go ThiS Has a good and a not so good side part mobile platform is one of the tricky platform that you can analyze from because you can not add any additional features like indicator

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    I do not have any problems when trading via android phone, but many traders who do not feel comfortable to trade through a smartphone, it is dependent on our views and our convenience. If we rely on technical indicators, scripts, ea, one click trading Since we are waiting for a price movement. Usually I open my laptop and wait for few minutes then when every thing is fully loaded up I do analysis and check the trends and pattern and update my open position if theirs any changes.

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    Mobile trading systems is very most essential device for all traveler. Just trading price observation and live market trading condition realize is easy with mobile trading terminal.

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    i hate mt4 mobile i dont like it all i found mt4 pc verison is more comfortable and it had awide screen to look to all chart correctly from the beginnig to the end and it make agood way to identify trend with eyes ..

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    It is very easy to find and install meta trader 4 on your smart phone . You can do trading in your phone but the major disadvantage is that on phone it does not provide the option if indicators and you can only watch the price movements with very basic charts . So I recommend you should intall it but do not regularly use it for trading.

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    yes i am using mt4 on my mobile for daily trading or even long term trading so i think it is a good choice for all beginner traders or all busy traders to trade in any time and in any where so i like this choice for all traders as a way of trading in any time so i like trading from mobiles so much to trade from mobile and to make a good return .

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