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    The Australian Dollar is being sold again. Overview for 12.05.2016

    On Thursday, the AUD/USD pair is trading to the downside after a couple of days of stabilization – the market is responding to statistics.

    The Australian Dollar is falling on Thursday in the pair with the US Dollar. The current quote for the instrument is 0.7321.

    An interesting report was published today in Australia. Inflation expectations in the country in May decreased up to 3.2% against the previous number of 3.4. The information was collected by the Melbourne institute and shows customer expectations for the long-term o the CPI – on average for the next 12 months. Normally, it is considered that the higher the indicator, the more support the Australian Dollar receives. This time, expectations decreased, which is not optimistic for the Aussie.


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    The Euro remained under pressure. Overview for 16.05.2016

    Over the last week, the main currency pair moved to 1.13; weak statistics was in favor of sellers.

    The EUR/USD pair finished the second week of May with a decline near 1.1305. So, if in the first half of the week investors were quite inactive, then in the second half “bears” dominated.

    The statistics published on Friday indicated that retails sales in the USA in April increased by 1.3% m/m despite the predicted number, which was much less. The March data was revised in favor of increase, from -0.4% to -0.3% m/m. the April report is the strongest over the last year in retail sales. After the weak statistics on the Eurozone GDP, this report clearly defined the market trend.

    The report components show that there was quite a good growth in online sales (+2.1%), cars sales (+3.2%), clothing and footwear sales (+1%). It might be both a seasonal spike and a start of a new positive tendency.


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    The Euro got under pressure. Overview for 18.05.2016

    The main currency pair is very sensitive in its respond to representations of American monetary politicians relating to the decisive meeting of the FRS in June.

    On Wednesday morning, the EUR/USD pair is trading near 1.1289. Investors started selling the main currency pair yesterday evening, as if the market was waiting for comments from Mr. Lockhart and his colleague =Mr. Williams in order to make a move. The most of the published statistics was positive, but it wasn’t the statistics that influenced “bears”.

    At first, the attention of the currency market was drawn by the representative of the USA Federal Reserve System, Mr. Williams, who stated that the interest rate would be increased this year twice or three times. Investors knew about “twice” for a long time, and a possibility of “three times” made them happier. Later, Mr. Lockhart in his speech also mentioned two or three possible increases of the American rate. According to his words, all meeting of the FRS are held in a very lively manner, that’s why one can not leave out a possibility of the regulator’s decisive actions even in June.


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    The Euro is regaining positions. Overview for 30.05.2016

    The main currency pair is trading to the upside on Monday, “recovering” after the news published last Friday.

    On Monday, the Eurodollar is slowly growing on a weak trading activity. Investors are not “moving” a lot due to the holidays in the USA and the United Kingdom. The current quote for the pair is 1.1134.

    Last Friday, the Eurodollar updated its March lows after the comments made by the head of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen. In her speech, she said that the regulator was considering the interest rate increase in the next several months. One can see that the US economy is growing, positive momentums continue. This is what could be seen with “the unaided eye” and what market participants wanted to hear. Yellen said that another essential thing was a positive momentum on the employment market. It has not been a problem for the USA for a long time, that’s why these words were quite regular.


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    The Australian Dollar couldn’t keep its upward momentum. Overview for 02.06.2016

    The AUD/USD pair is falling on Thursday due to the complicated statistics and absence of ideas.

    The AUD/USD pair had been growing for a couple of days, and it was quite inspiring, because the instrument moved away from February’s lows and completed a successful correction. However, during today’s trading session the pair is falling and moving mostly close to 0.7224 (-0.4%).

    According to the data published on Thursday, retail sales in Australia in April increased only by 0.2% m/m against the predicted number of 0.3% m/m. Visible trade of balance in April was -$AUD1.58 billion against the predicted number of -$AUD2 billion.


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    The Australian Dollar is in the state of relative equilibrium. Overview for 03.06.2016

    The AUD/USD pair is trading to the upside, but it has been moving sideways for the last four days.

    On Friday, the Australian Dollar is growing against the US Dollar. The current quote for the instrument is 0.7254.
    According to the statistics from AiG published today, the business activity index in the service sector in Australia in May increased up to 51.5 points against 49.7 points previously. The fact that the index is now above the level of 50 points, which marks decline and growth, indicates positive sentiments in tertiary industry. Prior to May, the indicator was declining for two months in a row.

    It’s highly likely that the weather changes resulted in positive effect in sentiments of sellers and buyers. The number of new orders is still quite moderate, but one can see a positive trend in supplies and sales.


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    The Euro is growing. Overview for 07.06.2016

    On Tuesday, the main currency pair is moving upwards, although not as active as two days earlier.

    The Eurodollar is still on the positive wave. Or, rather, on the top of it, because there appeared no more negatives for the American currency, and all existing catalysts were already included in prices. The current quote for the pair is 1.1365.

    The head of the USA Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen, who delivered her speech yesterday, didn’t introduce any clarity to perspectives and future fiscal actions of the regulator. She noticed that the statistics published on Friday was, of course, “disappointing”, but it was just one report of many and one shouldn’t make a big deal of it. According to her opinion, the employment market situation is rather positive, and if it gets better along with the inflation approaching its target level, the interest rate increase would be not unreasonable.


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    The Pound has stabilized. Overview for 08.06.2016

    The GBP/USD pair stopped growing as fast as yesterday since investors prefer to save their strengths before televised debates.

    On Wednesday afternoon, the British Pound is trading rather smoothly against the US Dollar. The current quote for the instrument is 1.4536. Tuesday’s high was 1.4658, but it’s still very far from the last month’s highs.

    Tomorrow, on Thursday, the United Kingdom will watch televised debates featuring the Prime Minister of the country, David Cameron, and Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. The politicians may be considered as true antagonists when it comes to the brexit topic, that’s why these debates are expected to be very “lively and unconventional”. The GBP/USD pair is unlikely to be very active until the debates.


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    The Euro is falling despite the statistics. Overview for 14.06.2016

    The main currency pair is trading downwards on Tuesday in anticipation of the USA FRS meeting.

    On Tuesday, he Eurodollar is moving to the downside after a short pause yesterday. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1228.

    Today’s statistics showed that in the first quarter the employment rate increased by 0.3% q/q, which is a bit more than expected. On a year-on-year basis, the indicator added 1.4%. In the European Union, the number of employed increased by the same 0.3% q/q.


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    The Eurodollar is being corrected. Overview for 22.06.2016

    On Wednesday morning, the main currency pair is stabilizing after yesterday’s decline; the market is still in anticipation of the British referendum.

    The EUR/USD is growing slowly on Wednesday morning. The current quote for the pair is 1.1255 as it added 0.05%. Yesterday’s low for the instrument was 1.1240.

    Janet Yellen’s comments made yesterday, which look rather neutral, managed to catalyze movements on the currency market. According to Yellen’s words, the FOMC not only monitors the current parameters of the employment market, the inflation, and the GDP very carefully, but analyzes the perspectives as well. Making her speech before the Banking Committee under the U.S. Senate, the monetary politician said that there were risks on the part of the United Kingdom because of Brexit and concerns relating to China and its priorities.


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