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    They continue selling the Australian Dollar. Overview for 18.12.2019

    On Wednesday morning, AUDUSD is still retreating; investors are in favor of the American currency.

    The Australian Dollar is falling against the USD in the middle of the week. The current quote for the instrument is 0.6844.

    Yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia released its December Meeting Minutes. Policymakers came up with an opinion that it would be reasonable to review their economic outlook as early as during the regulator’s meeting in February 2020. The RBA has opportunities to use the necessary tools to give a boost to the country’s economy in case the labor market parameters get worse, but there is no need to do it so far. Apparently, this refers to the interest rate revision. According to the regulator, one should expect an extended period of low interest rates due to both global and domestic factors.

    The RBA is a bit concerned about the slow growth rate of household incomes. However, if we take a look at rather cautious numbers in employment, we can see that there is no stress here, it’s just a low-key tendency.


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    The Pound plunged to its three-weeks lows. Overview for 20.12.2019

    GBPUSD remains weak despite the BoE’s stable monetary policy.

    On Friday morning, the British Pound is still under pressure against the USD. The current quote for the instrument is 1.3020.

    Yesterday, the December meeting of the Bank of England was over. The entire monetary policy of the British regulator remained unchanged, including the interest rate and Quantitative Easing.

    In the comments, the BoE made it pretty clear that it was intending to watch the Brexit talks very closely because this topic was the key issue. In case the Brexit situation remains uncertain, the regulator’s monetary policy may require stimulus measures. That’s when the BoE is going to start interfering.


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    The USD was supported by strong numbers. Overview for 23.12.2019

    On Monday morning, the major currency pair is trying to correct after last Friday’s decline, but market players are very cautious.

    EURUSD is growing a little bit on Monday morning. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1084.

    Reports published last Friday turned out to be very positive for the American currency. First of all, it’s the final GDP reading in the third quarter of 2019, which showed the same 2.1% q/q as expected without any surprise.

    The Personal Income showed +0.5% m/m in November after adding 0.1% m/m in the previous month and against the expected reading of +0.3% m/m. The Personal Spending, in its turn, was +0.4% m/m after being +0.3% m/m the month before. Improvement of both these indicators is very positive for the country’s economy in general and the Retail Sales index, which may be affected by them and skyrocket.


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    The USD is celebrating Christmas in a strong position. Overview for 25.12.2019

    The major currency pair stopped moving due to Christmas, but it is still under pressure.

    EURUSD is barely moving on Wednesday as market players are celebrating catholic Christmas. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1093.

    This time of the year, the market is traditionally thin and demand for the USD is usually higher due to its stability.

    The statistics published yesterday showed that the Durable Goods Orders lost 2.0% m/m in November after adding 0.5% m/m the month before and against the expected reading of +0.2% m/m. The Core Durable Goods Orders didn’t change although it was expected to expand by 1.5% m/m.


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    USDJPY is keeping balance. Overview for 27.12.2019

    At the end of the week, USDJPY reached stability after plunging the day before.

    The Japanese Yen recovered a little bit after yesterday’s decline against the USD. The current quote for the instrument is 109.50.

    Investors that had a couple of days off due to Christmas are back to the market and their interest in the USD as a “safe haven” asset went down.

    Today’s reports from Japan were pretty interesting. The Unemployment Rate went from 2.4% in October to 2.2% in November, although it wasn’t expected to change. It looks like the Japanese population sees slowdown in the national economy and vague outside market conditions, and tries to find new sources of income.

    The Retail Sales lost 2.1% y/yin November after decreasing by 7.0% y/y the month before and against the expected reading of -1.7% y/y, but it is not surprising: people prefer to save money due to the same dim economic outlook.


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    EURUSD is anticipating a calm New Year week. Overview for 30.12.2019

    The major currency pair is expected to have a pretty calm week and trade in a narrow range.

    EURUSD is very quiet early in the last week of December. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1175.
    Last Friday, market players already took their lead from the news flow relating to the short-term outlook of the US-China trade agreement. Chinese representatives already said that they remained in close contact with American negotiators and were ready to sign the first draft of the agreementб thus sparking investors’ interest in risks and putting pressure on the USD. In addition to that, US President Donald Trump mentioned that the deal signed with China would require at least a high-profile ceremony.

    In this light, the Euro went to its two weeks highs against the “greenback” but will find it very difficult to continue climbing due to the New Year calmness on the market.

    This week, the USA is scheduled to publish several reports of Monday and Tuesday: the Preliminary Wholesale Inventories and the Pending Home Sales for November. After that, one should pay attention to the Conference Board Consumer Confidence, which is expected to go from 125.5 points to 128.0 points.


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    The Euro remains under pressure. Overview for 10.01.2020

    On Friday, the major currency pair continues trading “in the red”, but bears aren’t as active as they used to be.

    EURUSD is trying to reach stability on Friday morning, but there are still more bears than bulls in the instrument. The current quote for the pair is 1.1108.

    The USA is scheduled to report on its labor market this week. On Wednesday, the country published the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change, which showed 202K in December after being 124K in November and against the expected reading of 140K.

    Yesterday, the USA published the weekly Unemployment Claims report, which was 214K after being 223K the week before. It’s quite good, although the readings are inside the reference values.


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