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    Pound fell victim to politics. Overview for 22.02.2016

    The GBP/USD pair fell sharply on Monday after the resumption of talks in the referendum in the UK.

    The "number one" topic in the foreign exchange market on Monday - the British referendum on membership in the EU. Its date is still scheduled and it will be on June 23 of the current year. But the more the news are discussed, the more noticeable becomes the "split" in opinions in the English society. The GBP/USD pair is trading around 1.4162 during the day. The minimum of January 2016 is located at the level of 1.4080.

    Thus, what is known at this point? The British Prime Minister David Cameron said that he had agreed with the European Union on exceptional conditions of membership of their country within the alliance. But, according to his campaign promises, he will still hold a referendum for the population on the location of the country within the EU. For the preservation of England as part of the EU and, respectively, Cameron - about half of the companies listed on the FTSE-100.


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    The euro is falling. Overview for 23.02.2016

    On Tuesday afternoon, the EUR/USD pair is trading downward, as the published statistics are inconsistent.

    The single European currency is receding on Tuesday afternoon. The current quotation of the EUR/USD pair is 1.1005. A little while longer, and the instrument will be ready to "storm" the February lows.

    Today Germany is publishing macro statistics. GDP in the fourth quarter of 2015 grew by 0.3% q/q (2.1% y/y). The data is completely in line with expectations. In addition, Ifo calculations have been published. The expectations index in February fell to 98.8 points against the forecast of 101.6 points. The current conditions index this month strengthened to 112.9 points against the forecast of 112.0 points. The business climate index in February, "dipped" to 105.7 points despite the fact that economists expected a level of 106.7 points.


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    The Ozzy declines for the third consecutive day. Review on 25/02/2016

    The AUD/USD pair is "losing weight" on Thursday afternoon, sales in the instrument continues for the third day due to a combination of factors.

    The Australian dollar remains under sales. The current quote in the AUD/USD pair is 0.7182.

    This morning statistics were released, according to which the rate of private capital expenditure in Australia rose 0.8% in the fourth quarter. The indicator was better than expected, which was a decline by 0.3%. In the third quarter of 2015 private capital spending "fell" by 8.4%. However, just after the publication of this release, sales in the AUD/USD pair have become "more pronounced".


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    The Australian dollar gaining weight. Review on March 1, 2016

    On Tuesday afternoon, the AUD / USD pair is being trading in positive with the normal background.

    The Australian dollar strengthened slightly against US dollar in the first trading day of spring. The current quote in the pair AUD / USD is 0.7148. The tool is now among the medium-term trading congestion.

    This morning, the meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia has been passed. Usually, the Central Bank of Australia begins a series of meetings of regulators, but the strategy of RBA remains fairly balanced and cautious. The refinancing rate is unchanged - 2% per annum, it is kept unchanged the ninth time in a row.

    RBA policy is also remained unchanged and known to the market. The interest rate is left unchanged, but the regulator is ready to respond if the external background will worsen and create conditions for the revision of the indicator of the slide. Usually, regarding that issue the Australian Central Bank is working proactively, but now, speedwork is not required.


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    Euro is still sliding. Overview on March 2, 2016

    The basic currency pair is still sliding on Wednesday day, European statistic is ambiguous.

    On Wednesday, the Euro-Dollar pair is still sliding. The current quotation in the tool - 1,0861. US Dollar gets more confident.

    According to the provided data today, in January producers’ price within the Euro zone has reduced on 1,0% mm. The YoY index has fallen by 2.9%. For the EU producer, the price index fell by the same percentage at the beginning of the year. The same reduction on 2.9% is fixed in YoY index. Energy is main sector that pull the price down, that is not surprising. The negative tendency in the sector of intermediate goods is drown the attention. But the price of nondurable goods has not changed, ant the price of goods of long-term use has even grown.


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    How the job position is calculated in the USA. Fundamental overview on March 3, 2016

    On the day before, the February ADP data on labor market was released. The data anticipate official statistic that will be issued at the nearest Friday. According to the issued data, during the previous month 214k of jobs was created that is sufficiently more than expected values. The additional growth was achieved by the largest enterprises of the service sector, while there is a negative trend in the manufacture sector.

    In addition, the ADP estimation for the previous month was revised with rising, which allows expecting favor data from the Bureau of Statistics of Labor Market. Let me remind you: January’s statistics was close to failure, showing job growth only on 158k. At the same time, due to a number of differences, ADP and the Bureau data are almost never the same, which is why the ADP data indicate a possible trend for Friday's Bureau of Statistics, but not the exact number.

    The first difference between the reports concludes that the ADP relies exclusively on the private sector data, while the Bureau counts also a state (in both reports the agricultural sector is excluded). Why is this happening? The fact that ADP is the largest US outsorting company processing payrolls, and ADP simply does not have access to the data of the public sector as opposed to the Bureau.


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    Aussee won gravitation. Overview on March 4, 2016

    On Friday, pair AUD/USD is trading with significant increase after news from the China and publication of inner statistic.

    The Australian dollar feels great on a Friday afternoon. The current quote in the AUD / USD - 0,7371. Ausse becoming expensive sixth session in a row, and for the last two days - with good volumes.

    Today an interesting for us statistic on Australia was published. January retail sales have gained 0.3% m / m and forecasts assumed growth of 0.4% m / m. However, figure looks stable and positive and able to give impulse to the Australian economy to grow. Probably, seasonal factors have influenced, because home goods had increased demand. At the same time, sales in supermarkets decreased. Balanced labor market supports the retail sales sector has in the country, it is difficult to argue with.


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    The Pound is slowly growing. Overview for 09.03.2016

    On Wednesday afternoon, the GBP/USD pair is slowly strengthening because of the quite good statistics coming from the United Kingdom.

    In the middle of the week, British Pound Sterling is moderately growing. The current quote in the GBP/USD pair is 1.4222. The instrument has moved quite far away from the February’s “bottom”.

    Today’s statistics indicated that in January the industrial production in the Foggy Albion increased by 0.3% m/m, for the first time in three months, after December’s decline by 1.1%. However, the forecast was that the number would increase by 0.5 m/m, but the compensation of the previous decline turned out to be weaker. On a year-on-year basis, the January’s output of the industrial production rose by 0.2% against the December’s number of -0.1%.


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    The Yen is retreating a little bit. Overview for 10.03.2016

    On Thursday afternoon, the USD/JPY pair is growing as fast as yesterday, but is still in the black.

    The Japanese Yen is slowly retreating on Thursday. Technically, the pair is moving close to the upside border of its short-term trading range. The current quote for the instrument is 113.48.

    This morning, the Minister of Finance of Japan, Mr. Tarō Asō, appeared in public and noted that the country’s economic numbers are improving and there is no danger of deflation. However, it doesn’t mean that Japan won’t have any deflationary shocks if the Central Bank stops stimulating the economy. At the same time, the head of the department asked to pay attention to the upcoming increase of the sales tax, because it has to be done, and one should be ready for it even now. After the tax rate was raised in spring 2014, negative processes in the Japanese economy increased and the deflation could lead to the collapse of the system, but program of motivation was launched.


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    The Euro is stepping back. Overview for 14.03.2016

    The main currency pair has been falling for the second consecutive day after making a fast ascending movement last Thursday, but there are a lot of nervous events for the market ahead.

    The Eurodollar has been stepping back for the second day in a row, investors’ optimism, which was clearly seen last Thursday after the March meeting of ECB, is vanishing. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1107.

    Today, the Eurozone published the statistics on the industrial production in January. The volume number over this period has increased by 2,1% m/m against the decrease in last December by 0,5% m/m. On a year-on-year basis, the industrial production has added 2,8%. For the Eurozone, this number has increased by 2,5% y/y.


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