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Thread: Discipline in our Trading Career

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    Discipline is needful for every success. What is discipline for Forex business? I think, money management, emotion control and a good trading strategy maintanance is discipline. A gambler can not maintain discipline.Also, an undiscipline trader is a gambler. Don't try make a good profit in short time by forex trading.

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    The best thing anyone can do to is life is discipline. To be successful in life discipline is the key. In the forex trading the only way to the best results is the discipline. Forex is one the best business someone can relying on and one descent job someone can be proud of and not only that the business earn profits with the knowledge will gain through the help discipline. So, discipline is most important in the forex trading.

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    A good trader needs nothing but discipline if he or she want to succeed in the forex trading business. In life learn to be discipline in everything you do and if you want to succeed in what you do for living. In forex trading serious plan must be out in place and nevertheless discipline is the most important thing to be take care of in the forex trading. We should to try minimize the profit in every market we placed and discipline should out in place not lose in everything.

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    Disciple in our tradings is the key performance meter because without the discipline tradings we may not then enter or exit the market safely . we need to know the market well and then place only one trade and then analysis the market well and if needed then place the second trade. Without judgement or disciple we may rush for some profit but for more loss.

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    Discipline in our trading career is the most important thing that will make traders to succeed in this business, when you have understood this business then you must learn how to be discipline in your trade, a lot of traders in here lack self discipline in forex market which is really affecting our trading career. For us to succeed in this business then it is important to be discipline in forex market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meheding View Post
    And I believe the discipline differs the trader from the gambler because gambler doesn't have any discipline on their gambling.
    What's your view on the discipline in Forex trading??
    A professional gambler is also disciplined. Have you ever watched a true story movie about a successful professional gambler? He has a great character as a gambler, has good money management, and also has the discipline. Do not equate amateurs gambler with professional gambler. This is forex trading, not a gambler arena, but many newbies trade just like amateur gambler.

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    Without discipline in our Trading career we never build up our trading. Not only we but also all the peoples never success their self-life. I love the forex trading business so much. At this reason i follow all discipline. Forex is a money making machine for us but who are not follow discipline Forex is a money loser machine for them.

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    well i am not talking about forex field you need to follow discipline if every business and specially in forex becoz forex is very sensitive business becoz trader come here to get fast profit and easy profit how ever forex need education and experience which trader never get it :)

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    Discipline is ought most in a persons trading career, without that every one knows they will never succeed and every time they will get the face of failure and that will make a negative impact on their trading career. A disciplined character will develop their problem grasping ability and thereby increase their problem tackling ability and survive the market with least possible interference caused by outside factors.

    Yes, i do agree with you mate. Discipline is the most important thing that all traders should take as priority in the forex trading without discipline no trader will be successful. A discipline is the number one things that newbies should take serious in their trading strategy which serve as the power in the forex trading. I do agree with your view which is very good and if traders can adopt it will really help.

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    Yes my brother one of the rules of trading in the Forex market is discipline in the part of trader, without discipline it may be difficult to achieve our goal in the business, it is discipline that can make us to set up a trading plan and trade with the plan without deviation from that what we have set up.

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