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Thread: Questions and answers on the contest "KingSize"

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    my account ctrade 6006529 but disable!
    I can not trade 4pm to 6pm.

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    What does it mean the kingzise competition? I think it is one of the contests that are helpful to build trader's skill . I saw in previous various contests that those are almost alike real trade . The way of winning may be the strategy of a skillful trader . I think this competition should trade on cTrader . I think the presses of this competition is almost same .I will try to participate .

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    what is the meaning of this....

    List of currency pairs for fulfilment of transaction requirements,,,

    am i have to trade all pairs compulsory or as my wish.. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vedaveer View Post
    List of currency pairs for fulfilment of transaction requirements,,,
    There are no any limitations for trading instruments.

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    sir i tried to open a size like 225 vol. but it is saying plz choose correct volume.. then how the other people trading.. 435 or like 275 vol .. there is predefined volume. then how i can i open a order with my full margin.

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    Тo increase your leverage in a trade, you should earn paper profit, then use instrument with low margin requirements.

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    I read the contest rules so many many times, but I really do not understand how to work with that rules.
    In the Terms of participation in the contest, mentioned "by the time the competition starts, you can’t have open and/or pending orders on your contest account, left from the previous competition. This condition is to be controlled by the participants personally, so in case they fail to follow this rule, their accounts with open (or placed pending) orders will be automatically from the forthcoming competition"

    Is it right that means we can open orders within 1 week, but while the contest start all orders we made (include pending order) must closed.

    Hope anyone can help to describe more clearly.

    Thank You.

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    By the beginning of the competition shall be opened and pending orders on the account. Orders must close the participants themselves.

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    I actually still confused with these contest rule..i was participate this week with seven or eight Open position with close 100 k and had about $ 100 profit, but i cheked at standing position at why my volume is stii 100k , i think should more than that..or is that rule that i didn't know and missed? maybe you can explain more for a new comer like me..thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqeel09 View Post
    seven or eight Open position with close 100 k
    The winner is the participant, who opened the order with the biggest volume. Open 1 order 700K.

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