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Thread: Ichimoku Cloud Analysis 19.08.2014 (GBP/USD, GOLD)

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    Actually do not see that the using of Ishemco is easy for me to learn but instead i may use the price action trading style is teh easier and simple style even for the professionals not ony for the beginners . I see that the generally the gbp is in the down trend direction and it is not for buying at all .

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    thank you so muche

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    Since 2014 there have been a long and very big swing by now there is a reason that the commodities has gone down Is because of the strength of the dollar that has been happening in the last one year since then gold has gone through a tabulent time because the price has been down to less than 1000usd but now the pairs have Ben having a rough time which means investors buy alot of gold

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    the two difference that we have seen that we have to work with that can work for you its the better shown that when the cloud is at the top that means the trend is down side then when you look if the account is moving sides and touching the cloud that means the same could be changing in the same source

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    This is a good analysis of the market using Ichimoku-cloud indicator. I have little knowledge of Ichimoku- Cloud but not exactly as it has been simplified here. I think , it will be better for me to do further study on how to analyze the market using this strategy though I will need to practice first on demo and the result I obtain after six month of demo trading that will determine whether I will trade live account with it or not

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    [lang=ar]This is the old direction and I at this time in this trade, and the bias is to the downside as long as the value is able to keep them in good condition 95.00 psychology moment on the downside, and the targeting of pro this week, is next to the 89. 92. If crude grease It could breach 93.69 successfully, in the presence of a way veto that it will not achieve the purpose of the goal this week. Present a very special, but in the direction to a very strong down the side of the stage. We are occupying at the moment and I'm another trader in the market.[/lang]

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    I love the ichimoku cloud analysis because thats are truly clear picture of market price resistance trend line and support. I see daily roboforex ichimoku cloud analysis because thats help me a lot in my trading and earn on daily basis big pips profit. Thats tell us where we need to enter in the market for making profit.

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    [lang=ar]ichimiuku is simply one of my most favorite indicators in the market as it gives precise signals on the market especially when you use it on the higher frames like 4 hours and daily chart , just never neglect the cloud as it gives strong levels in the market and the tenken san is also important[/lang]

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    When I do the trading analysis on Ichimoku, I see we can do the buy or sell when the line of the Ichimoku and cloud is on near area. So just like my position which I tell below, my position is totally wrong, and my current position is risky. So I think I must do re evaluation in my trading with Ichimoku and then use the best entry point on Ichimoku only, please check my chart below and then make comment of yours

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    [lang=ar]as it seems clear for all of the currencies in pairs with the usd . that the usd faces a very strong attacks and can lead it to anew areas . thus after remaining up the level of 1.3500 this can be very vital for the price to reach again to the levels at 1.3700 by breaking the RD band down this may be leading to under levels of 1.3200


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