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Thread: Help me to install ROBOFOREX metatrader 4

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    There is no problem installing MT4 trading platform, but this is not a problem, because you do not have to practice more to understand how to install the MT4 trading platform, I see it as a common way that we install every single application, It is difficult to install the MT4 trading platform on the system but use it in our daily lives I can t, then follow the instructions given for success.

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    what i think that why is this happening is that you are installing an old version of meta trader 4 and that there is a newer version of this version just download the platform with latest updates download it in your hard drive and then install it then see that this problem happens again or not.

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    I think your computer is missed file when you install windows 7 you Just search for programe name Windows 7 repaire files and install it than the file missed wil be repair and you Will be abel to install metatrader 4 platform I hope that my idea work for you brother if dosen't work for you tell me I Will find you other solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by aris90 View Post
    Dear all member roboforex forum.
    I have too many virus computer on my desktop. My technician suggest me to reinstall OS windows 7. After I reinstall windows 7. I start to resinstall other program. It very easy and nothiong difficult to install program. But I have found roubel when I start to instal roboforex meta trader 4 platform. When I try to install there is always notification like this. "this program has failed side by side...'
    I capture the notifikation below,
    Attachment 10965
    Please anyone help me
    from your story it seems you need to upgrade or update your metatrader platform. the solution is to re-download the MT4 platform provided on the Roboforex website. then try installing the latest MT4 on your PC.
    if you still cannot or fail to install then you need to check your PC to an electronic service provider or PC

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    Maybe all components of the newly install windows, haven't completely loaded so I will advice you to restart the computer then trying installing the terminal again if that doesn't work I will advice you to reinstall the window software on your computer I believe that will solve the problem at once.

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    We can install easily roboforex meta trader without any problem. I never face any type of difficulty when I use the meta trader 4 platform in my laptop. If windows 7 is not work good in your system then you need to install latest version of windows 8 in your system. Then its work very well and you can easily use the meta trader 4 platform in your system and trade.

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