Hi dear all members, this time I will discuss about information and experiences, but I will not talk much, because honestly I do not mean to be a teacher for you, but I just want to hear what you think about this. And I want to discuss with you. I hope this will be a lesson for newcomers.

I'm sure many peoples (including myself) who think that information is knowledge, Really? I want you to ask yourself about this before you read my next article. And please share your opinion. Okay, if you've done that, please read my next article.

What if you heard that "Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience."
Who said this? I am sure you will deny if it is out from my mouth, but how you can deny if it is a quote from Albert Einstein?

What does it mean?
That knowledge comes from experience. You can discuss a project, but that discussion will only give you the information.
You have to do the project to 'know' whether the project is running correctly or not.
You must do so to address the emerging issues amid ongoing projects. It makes you have a new and rewarding experience.

Information is not knowledge, because I think information is different from knowledge. Then what is meant by information and knowledge? Information is everything received by our five sensory, what we see, we hear, we touch, we taste, we smell is an information for all of us. While knowledge is the storage, integration, and organization of information that we can. So it can be concluded that the information was not always into knowledge, but knowledge must be derived from the information.

So what should we do? We need to change or manage the information into a useful knowledge for us.
Thus, experience in managing information is the determining factor in getting knowledge.

I can share some steps in terms of managing information:
Search information- Take information - Evaluate - Compile and understand - Analysis and conclude - You can discuss - Act based information - Maintain and update information.

Is that all require a process? Yes, of course, and the process is "experience".

Maybe a lot of information that we get from this forum or other internet media or any other place, but it will not help if we do not manage information properly. Our experience are the determinant of our success.

All the best