Support/Resistance Tunnel system
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Thread: Support/Resistance Tunnel system

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    Support/Resistance Tunnel system

    Marking a support and resistance levels on the price non trending period , and
    breaking of these levels are mostly referred as milestone of trading methodologies.
    The trading strategy does not requisite any kind of the indicators , and it can be use regardless of the currencies pairs and time frame , only we have to spot the consolidation period and draw them ...

    Entry :
    Once we have found that market is does not moving so well ,candles/bars getting a smaller or in simple means market start moving in a range , we just have to draw the two horizontal lines upper line is referred as the resistance and lower called support. if price able to breaks through of it and then after if the candle get succeed in closing out of that range bar level break , then after in whatever direction prices break for down sell and for up buyer can be taken , if the prices just give a test to the tunnel outer body or take a down spike but does not close below or above of that then so what ever the new higher or lower it can use for draw new S/R level .

    Handy tips for aggressive traders :

    Some time prices break the support or the resistance level and goes very side way , each candle follow last candle very respectively , means lot of momentum , then aggressive trade can be taken , but it only depends with how candle volume S or R level break or any news event taking place


    There is no yet specific way to close the trading when we are trading the breakout pattern of the market , but it's believe that one one S1 level break , market usually try to go there where in history price congestion happened


    This system is a quite easy to understand and user , because even you not around the computer you can place the pend orders for it's using and it give us the quite higher probability to makes the trades better.
    As every trading methodology never works 100% so some time what happens we enter into the market ever bar close out side the S or R level but right after next candle comes back into the tunnel once again , which is referred as false break out ..

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    support and resistance both lever are very important for us, I don't have much experience, but i used this level on higher time frame, like H4 or d1,

    My yesterday Eur/aud Technical analysis on H4.

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    yes i can say that strategy will work perfect if you are trading in 1 hour time frame so you can trade with this strategy in any pair in the 1 our time frame i prefer to trade with EUR/USD using this strategy .

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    I think this strategy is one of the best strategy. I don't know much about this strategy but i am using my own technique to work in forex market. And my own strategy working good my analysis. Support and resistance with pivot point is the best strategy for long term trader.

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    i think this stretagy is better then other stretagies and this straetagies is easy for use for newbies and newbies traders also find easy and profitable stretagy :)

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    Yeah I also follow technical analysis because its one of the perfect strategy to learn about market where it will go in future and where we can make buy and where we can set our stop so its a perfect thing to make good profit here so we should surely learn technical analysis

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    well, just adding.
    if we've know about resistance and support, i think we can open buy and sell at there. when candle touch resistance point and market will be down, OPEN sell. but when candle touch support and will be back to bullish, OPEN buy. thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sifax View Post
    well, just adding.
    if we've know about resistance and support, i think we can open buy and sell at there. when candle touch resistance point and market will be down, OPEN sell. but when candle touch support and will be back to bullish, OPEN buy. thank you.
    Great.... hit up and down.... :)

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    This is one of the best Strategies that I based it true to trading but on the frame large can be up to 4 hours until the goal is relatively large and it is the other side of the rectangle which reflect foolproof method and can be relied upon any trader even if beginner or any trader else to it easy and profitable way

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    Creating a support/resistance canal on the cost blockage and dealing with the break of this canal is a landmark of Currency trading dealing findings. This dealing system/approach needs no signs and can be used for any currency and exchanged in any period of time where coiling in a limited range is identified. Entry rules: Find merging on the graph and sketch two horizontally pattern collections – assistance and level of resistance. Once the cost smashes through one of the pattern collections and a current cost bar ends outside the canal – buy/sell towards the league. (If cost pierces the pattern range, but did not close outside the canal, terminate the past pattern range and sketch another one according to the new conditions).

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