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Thread: Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester

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    According to me the improving of our trading history can play an important role in forex a daily learning regularly in forex can make us a very good professional trader in this business and we can make good consistent profit per month from forex.

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    I am sorry to say i do not buy the idea of the strategy tester and the advanced software that is being built to work with it. This is because the strategy that you are testing is first based on the inter indicator that you use, but if you look at the indicator on the trading chart, they will look perfect (I am talking about the past candles), but you will see that they repaints when using live, this repainting will never let back-testing work, it is just a representation when they do not repaint, but that is not possible, they will.

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    Assisting the history top top quality in the Strategy Tester- i think it is actual . I am working in Forex working for a lot of a few several weeks . I did not know that there are history of market . Letters i have come to know that and always try to take details from these. May be two design of market is not same but we can assess the design of market through history .I make little decrease now a periods .

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    Growing the top quality inside Method Tester- as i think it is accurate. I am dealing throughout Forex trading for a few a few months. I did so certainly not understand we've got background regarding niche. Page we've go to know in which and also normally try and acquire know-how via these types of. Might be a several point out regarding niche just isn't very same nevertheless we are able to quickly assess the improvement regarding niche via background. While i build very little using up right now.

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    To be frank,I had no idea about improving the history quality in strategy.It is very much needed to improve the quality of the trader and also to get a clear concept of trading in Forex.But very few of the traders of Forex spend their time here as everyone eagerly hurry to make profit and make money as early as possible from trading.

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    Strategy needs to work Pak test her and her experience is important that before we start using it and get used to that important trading strategy and be in another strategy in the case of lack of success of the first well can use the trading strategy Other

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    Well, undoubtedly which bettering a brief history individuals personal trade is usually good since it is far better for our personal portfolio. Yet in person i believe which don't assume all speculator are involved nevertheless concerning this one particular. simply because even now focusing inside getting more income not necessarily creating the portfolio far better really. Concerning raazsr1, i believe which damage is usually healthy part of fx. All people can easily being profitable as well as shed a number of.

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    Hello sir I think demo trading is very important part of our learning from where we can test our strategy and can improve the quality of our historical trading data without any learning no body can become a very good professional trader in this business

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    Well I think if we want to improve our history of trading in this business then regular practice is very essential it will give us good skill and experience which will help us to reduce our mistakes in trading and we will able to make good money from market too.

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    My dear friends so you mean there is thereforeme bug within the historical system? is that just for the one minute OHCL data? Or will that for all of the timeframe like five minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc? And what's Metaquotes? Sorry however i do not get what's that.

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