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Thread: Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester

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    ,I had no idea about improving the history quality in strategy.It is very much needed to improve the quality of the trader and also to get a clear concept of trading in Forex.But very few of the traders of Forex spend their time here as everyone eagerly hurry to make profit and make money as early as possible from trading.

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    i did not use the hedge pro for strategy tester before and if you want to know about your question you can ask the client support in the company and they can help you and give you an answer for your question and then you can do the test you want, anything is possible and i think that the support can give you the steps you want to do proper strategy tester

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    Enhancing the history quality in the Strategy Tester-I think it is genuine . I am exchanging Forex for a ton of months . I didn't realize that there are history of market . Letter I have come to realize that and dependably endeavor to take information from these. May be two influx of market isn't same however we can break down the pattern of market through history .I make little misfortune now a days .

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    Not saying, I'm not buying strategy software and advanced software designed to work with it, because the strategy you are testing is based on the first of your interactive indicator, but if you see the index of the trading chart, they will look perfect (I'm talking about the candle of the past), but you will see that they are resurrected while using live, this Unahpratisthana will never examined, it is a representation only when they are not re-established, but it is not possible, they will.

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    so you mean there's some bug in the historical system? is that only for the 1 minute OHCL data? Or does that for all of the timeframe such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc? And what is Metaquotes? Sorry but i don't get what is that.

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    Letter i have come to know that and always try to take knowledge from these. May be two wave of market is not same but we can analyze the trend of market through history
    i do not buy the idea of the strategy tester, and the advanced software that is being built to work with it, this is because the strategy that you are testing is first based on the inter indicator that you use, but if you look at the indicator on the trading chart, they will look perfect

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