Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester
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Thread: Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester

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    Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester

    I've been working with the Strategy Tester in MT5 using the HedgePro symbols at RoboForex. I've found the 1 minute OHLC data only goes back to November 2012. The history quality declines with earlier dates. I would use the Metaquotes server but they don't have the HedgePro symbols. Any help is appreciated.

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    so you mean there's some bug in the historical system? is that only for the 1 minute OHCL data? Or does that for all of the timeframe such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc? And what is Metaquotes? Sorry but i don't get what is that.

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    Improving the history quality in the Strategy Tester- i think it is true . I am trading in Forex for a lot of months . I did not know that there are history of market . Letter i have come to know that and always try to take knowledge from these. May be two wave of market is not same but we can analyze the trend of market through history .I make little loss now a days .

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    Well, surely that improving the history of our own trade is good because it's better for our own portfolio. But personally i think that not all trader are concerned yet about this one. because they still focusing in getting more money not making their portfolio better actually. As for raazsr1, i think that loss is natural thing in forex. All people can making money and lose some.

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    Sorry to say, i do not buy the idea of the strategy tester, and the advanced software that is being built to work with it, this is because the strategy that you are testing is first based on the inter indicator that you use, but if you look at the indicator on the trading chart, they will look perfect (I am talking about the past candles), but you will see that they repaints when using live, this repainting will never let back-testing work, it is just a representation when they do not repaint, but that is not possible, they will.

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    so you mean there is thereforeme bug within the historical system? is that just for the one minute OHCL data? Or will that for all of the timeframe like five minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc? And what's Metaquotes? Sorry however i do not get what's that.

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    Growing the top quality inside Method Tester- as i think it is accurate. I am dealing throughout Forex trading for a few a few months. I did so certainly not understand we've got background regarding niche. Page we've go to know in which and also normally try and acquire know-how via these types of. Might be a several point out regarding niche just isn't very same nevertheless we are able to quickly assess the improvement regarding niche via background. While i build very little using up right now.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Am no surprised that you are experiencing such a thing,I wouldn't suggest that its a bug but rather ill suggest that its the fact that when your sever keeps sending request for an update of the OHLC of the 1 minute time frame its causes havey traffic on your platform server so most times you'll get an error,you can try reloading your platform by closing it and opening it again but I doubt its consistency.

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    I found that Forex tester Data Service should be a high quality source of history data for Strategy tester. As far as I know they provide real tick data for a monthly fee. Does it make sense to subscribe for it, in order to get exact low timeframe data?

    If yes, what data conversion has to be made to convert Forex tester history data to MT4 history data.

    Please advice

    Thank you


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    I think its possible to make- improving the history. One thing what is meta quotes. And reading your post i realize that it had some bugs. Is this bug is only for 1 min time frame or is it available in other time frame. If you can explain this in details may be we can help.

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