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Thread: MT4 Old vs New - Old scripts and EA's not functioning as they used to

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    Post MT4 Old vs New - Old scripts and EA's not functioning as they used to

    I have Hline alert and Tline Alert and few other things that used to work and still does in past versions of MT4 from Roboforex, I had to find the experts folder to load my EA's etc into it same with the scripts and templates.

    Can I ask why is this ? Is tehre some setting that I am now not aware of or changes made that impact older code not working on the MT4 anymore.
    My close all script only closes the buy trades when it used to close EVERYTHING.

    Is it possible to run the previous versions of MT4 and stop it forcing you to update ? Where can I find the previous versions ?

    Apologies if this is on the wrong blog, wrong website, wrong area, duplicate of another post, in the wrong section ... or any other mistake I could have made, I aint perfect - y-alll


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    There was a major update (an update actually, as MT4 is end-of-life for quite a few years and does not receive updates) for MT4 to be compatible with newer versions of MetaEditor, which is the same for 4 and 5. That came with changes in IDE, probably relevant to order types. MT4 does not support the new ones, but the enumerations and macros should be the same so if the script does not use the actual enumerations but something like if(OrderType<2) it can easily get in trouble.

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