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Thread: 2 Lines MACD Trading Cross over system

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    2 Lines MACD Trading Cross over system

    MACD derived from ( moving average convergence/divergence ) is one of the best technical analytical tool , which was created by Gerald Appeal in the late 1970.
    It's mainly used to identify the strength , direction. trend , momentum . tendency , time period of a trend.

    MACD structured on three component , we will not further dig up the history of the MACD , lets move to the trading strategy ...

    How to setup the chart : We only need the two line MACD indicator , if you not have please download it from the link given...

    MACD with these setting we need 12,26,9.

    Any time with any any currency pair can be used for this trading system.

    Entry Hint: When we see that a cross over happens with 2 lines or MACD rise from o level at histogram and bars getting higher in the chart it's buy entry , vice versa sell entry.

    Exits Hint: When MACD make another cross over or lines go through from 0 histogram level.
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    Advantages/Disadvantages :
    Quite easy and understandable trading system , give much proper accurate entry and exits , but traders may can change the MACD properties to get the more working in MACD and here are settings members can try at their chart USD/CHF MACD (04, 07, 16), EUR/USD MACD (02, 03, 20), GBP/USD MACD (02, 03, 04) , try at the various time frame so you can understand what settings works on what better

    If the period number decrease always recommend go to the smaller time frame.
    In sideway market condition the MACD gives quite often false signals , and shows divergence which is another chapter about MACD , we will cover it in another trading strategy , but if you want use it , use as well a filter indicator
    MACD 2 Lines Download Here:
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    MACD Cross over strategy makes you see when there is a good opportunity because that speaks about Confluence in trading, and something that can help us achieve success easily is to ensure that we use confirmation, this is why I think that using a cross over strategy makes sense to be honest, until we know how the strategy works, we are not expected to use it for our live account.

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