RSI ,70.30 Zone system!
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Thread: RSI ,70.30 Zone system!

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    RSI ,70.30 Zone system!

    The Relative strength index is been one of the most popular trading indicator ,
    not solely it used. but if the combination happens with other different good trading tools and approach the technical analysis , then it can give us a good edge for the trading !

    How to setup it at the chart !.

    Currencies Pairs : Can be used any one !
    Indicator: RSI default (14 period) with two zone 70 and 30

    Entry : Buy
    When Rsi go below of the 30 level and stall there , make a bottom and after that rise above of it , it's showing over sold condition finished , so can
    buy at a such time .

    Entry : Sell
    When Rsi crossed above of the 70 zone and make a peak there and after leave
    it and comes back below of the 70 zone , then a sell signal appear
    Exits :
    There is no definite way to get exits in this strategy , but we can draw the 50 zone , so when market reach over there we can exits , or market do correction in opposite direction

    Advantages / Disadvantages :
    RSi is one of the most used technique for the trading . mention above system give us many entries , early spot for the trading , but often, disadvantage is that it's not red stop and green yes system, so combination of one or two extra tools can be beneficial for the trading.

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    also to filter your entry point you can use William percent range if you want to buy RSI is 30 and William percent range is 20 that mean you can buy .

    for sell RSI is 70 and William percent range is 80 that mean you can sell . it is so good way to trading with scalping . i think it may work good in 5 minutes time frame in any pair .

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    The comparative durability Catalog (RSI) is a cost durability signal that is useful for Intraday dealing. Principles above 70 mean cost is approaching a top or modification of the uptrend. Principles below 30 mean cost is approaching a bus or go back over of the decrease. The RSI’s main value is contacting the switching factors in a dealing variety market (between assistance and resistance).

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    It's a simple strategie... i use this with 50 EMA.... it give me some good profit

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    Thanks for sharing the strategy my dear friend RSI 70-30 Zone system is very good strategy I was checking with it on my charts and I am surprised that its working very fine on chart so I want to be thankful to you for sharing this great strategy thanks once again my dear friend

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    Thanks for your good post. I am a long trader. So I follow this indicator for my better trade. But I trade from the D1 time frame. The range is very good in this time frame for my long trade.

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    Its good that you are following this strategy but i wont favour it, because i have used RSI's but it was not so successful.
    Also if anyone would trade without stop loss, it would be considered as very bad and negative for the trader. So SL is must and it could be around the high/low +1 of the trend.

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    RSI indicator also has the basic functions such as Stochastic:
    - Line RSI> 70, overbought conditions, market has a great opportunity to go down (signal to sell)
    - Line RSI <30, oversold condition, the market has a great opportunity to go up (a signal to buy)

    Although it works looks no different with Stochastic, RSI has another advantage, which is to ascertain whether the trend has actually formed or not.

    If the RSI line down through number 50, meaning a downward trend / bearish been formed and is likely to continue. Works in reverse when the RSI line up past the number 50.

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    Why dont you add stoch into this strategy? Although it looks good to trade with this strategy but just believing on one single indicator is not sufficient. If we add up stoch with this rsi indicator, i am sure that we can get positive results and filtered trades as well. This is my own opinion. Not conflicting with anything at all. Just for getting good filtered results we can add stoch indicator as well with default settings.

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    That's amazing I am using RSI but for now I was not aware of 70-30 zone system I will use this system now on my charts and lets see how it will work for me its looking well but we should use with it many more indicators and our own analysis too

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