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    New Yuan Loans

    Index: advance.
    New loans received during the last month by private individuals and companies.

    Market impact: limited.
    New Yuan Loans has limited influence over the market; it’s advance is promotive of the production and consumption growth. Has a positive effect on the financial market of China.

    Published: monthly, 10-15th.

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    Retail Trade

    Index: tracking.
    The indicator of sales volume dynamic of the retail sales. Reflects the total revenue received from the sales.

    Market impact: Limited
    Most often Index is influenced by changes in food prices and vehicle fuel. The index has a strong influence over the market and is difficult to forecast.

    Published: monthly, on the second week.

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    Trade Balance

    Index: tracking.
    The key indicator, strongly influencing over the market. The report details all international trade. The indicator is the difference between exports and imports.

    Market Impact: High.
    The positive trade balance (exports more than imports) or decrease of the negative trade balance means a good state of the economy. The market will react to the trade balance indicator, depending on as the results will be important to the economy at the moment. Indicator’s fluctuations help to forecast the GDP, as far as import is sourced from GDP and export is added.

    Published: in the middle of each month.

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