Smooth 28 ema/100 ema trading system
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Thread: Smooth 28 ema/100 ema trading system

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    Smooth 28 ema/100 ema trading system

    Indicators: 100Ema applied to close and then 28 smooth ema applied to the closed as well
    Time frame:4H and also 1H can be sued
    Currency: any pairs, best works with Eur/Usd
    Entries and Exits
    100 ema will show us the trend in the market , if the market were in bearish (down) trending , then candle closes above the 100 ema , so we can go long at such time , we can hold the entry by taken this way , until candle does not closes below of the 28 , , this strategy also brings re entries , one prices touches the 28 ema or close candles above it , when it has first closed below it , then a such reverse is for the selling
    red is 100ema and other one is 28 ema
    Stop Loss and Take profit
    If we are using the one hour chart then our stop losses should be in range of 50-70 and with the aim of double profit , because it will give us good risk to reward ratio and if we are using the 4H chart for the trading then stop loss can 100 pips , and take profit should be in range of 100-200

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    I have seen many strategies like these which has ema's or simple/exponential moving averages too.
    And yes, as you have said, we have to be patient and wait for teh closing of the candle below or up the ema and then place the trade. Otherwise it is risky.
    GOOD LUCK :)

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    This is really a great strategy for long term traders like if one have to trade on H1 or higher time frame for long term trading then he can depend on this strategy the good thing is even you lose three time and when one of your trade run into profits there you can recover all of your losses and can earn profits too. It's easy to follow this strategy the only thing that a trader need to figure out is stop loss. I prefer to use stop loss at least 30 pis away from 100EMA.

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    Although, i love the moving average trading skills, but this one that i am seeing will not give me the difference in trading since it will not make the best sue based on the way the trading chart is represented here. Looking at the chart, you will see that there are smooth slopes with explanation, but in he placing of the 100EMA on real chart, it will never be like that.

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    I read this whole strategy and in conclusion , i can say that no matter it is a very good strategy and the risk reward ratio is very very good. One should try it as the results are looking outstanding as you put the same 28ema and 100ema on the chart of gbpusd, usdchf, and eurusd, you can find good trades.

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    trading wit all these indicators are not the best way to trade in this Forex market that is very risky so i tell traders to make sure that they do what is right at all times by making sure that they trade only with the right trading technique which is the use of naked trading which makes use of the candle sticks .

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    i see it is good strategy but i want to say that cross of moving average in most cases is delay and gives delayed signals and so i use moving average only for determination of the direction of the price because it is good for that and this strategy may not be suitable for highly volatile pairs,and i want to ask you how is the percentage of success of this strategy and how many pips you get for each trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozard007 View Post
    I could say that this is too judgmental, the way you plan your trades might be different from the way another traders will plan their trades, but the both could still earn good result for the traders. What i have carefully understood about forex trading is that almost all system works, it is in the handling of the trader himself.
    thats very correct. Just because a trader knows how to trade with naked trading strategy does not mean that there are no other more effective methods of trading. Every trader must discover their own personal trading method because different people will implement a strategy in different ways.

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    thank you super mod, you give us best information and its very new information for us, i am also work EUR USD but i am get to best profit in that pair and now i am try to that tips in demo account so i am very happy and i want to thank you, and you also give us the target and set the all position and pips so its very best for us.

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    This looks to be a very nice strategy but by looking onto the chart it seems that just by waiting to have the crossover there will be a lot of missed pips which we can have gathered by placing the order in real time on right direction but as far as confirmation of trade is concerned we can use this strategy with more confidence.

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