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    ctrader is one of the newest member of the trading platform family and it has lot of great features. Good to see that roboforex has partnered with them to provide their clients a true ECN experience. i will definitely give it a try.

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    this was the first tie when i heard about ctrader but when i used it i found it very exciting because the look of it was so awesome but i have still not traded in that but looking forward to that also as i will be taking part in the kingsize competition this week.

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    Investment fund investment policy as well as high yield, but a strong support in addition to trading systems use weak graphics cool graphics ChartShots system and occurs as requested to collect information that is mentioned in Chart Casts. feedback for an automated system last year.

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    i alrady tried roboforex ctrader and it is the best platform to trade with. i don't need to install some scripts like close all orders script because i can find it in ctrader, really awesome. with simple click, i can open and close my position fast without requotes. and to modify stop loss and take profit, i just drag the price line down or up. for example, if i place sell, to set stop loss, simply drag the line up. otherwise, to set take profit, simply drag the line down.

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    Whatever is being explained is really a very informative post regarding C trading platform and to me it seems better than the MT4 platform which I am using presently but I would like to ask one thing can the platform will be used for old accounts or we need to open a new account for trading on C trader platform and one more thing does it have demo trading facility?

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    I think it is the beat platform to STP or ECN broker. It provides huge information. So i think RoboForex is an ECN and STP broker and that is the best thing in RoboForex broker.

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    I found the feature of cTrader useful and informative. I am using it for few weeks to trade. I have used cTrader in a contest king size of roboforex. I found it interesting. The graphics are really good. Though I have not surfed all things of this trading platform I think it is good one. If the same platform can be used for simple trading like cent account for small investor then it would be very good as well I think.

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    That's a great explanation I never heard about ctrader but as you are saying its seeming to me a very good platform for us and good thing will be if you will post more information with screenshots about this there is no doubt in it that its features are very good fantastic stuff.

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    I think it is about a new trading platform . Some option is complex and little bit difficult to understand as i am almost a newbie .but as well as need depth knowledge about this trading system. cTrader can graphical result from its systematically graphic option. cTrader can gather information as their need from ChartShots & ChartCasts. Finally it is a automatic system for necessary feedback.

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    Thank you for your most valuable information about financial trading technology related. I think cTrader is a Spotware Systems with financial technology. They have brokerage capabilities to new, experienced and institutional traders in the FX market.

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