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    cTrader trading terminal has a wide range of user-friendly and convenient features. Proxy connection settings allow for easy connectivity from any location all over the world. More to that, cTrader is a multilingual software and currently available in 14 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, German, Russian).

    Quick trade
    One click and double click trading are available from the top of every chart for any currency. Together with cTrader's lightning-fast execution speeds, this gives you the fastest possible market entry options. The timing of your entry will have a heavy impact on the success or failure of your trade. That's why cTrader makes entering a position so easy - with multiple click-to-enter buttons around the platform, including from directly within the charts, and standard trade executions carried out in milliseconds. cTrader’s backend allows simultaneous processing of your orders, enabling you to take advantage of every market condition with minimal slippage. Cloud technology and data centers collocated with major aggregators, ECNs and liquidity providers guarantee low latency and the fastest order execution on the market.

    Depth of Market
    cTrader’s depth of market shows the full range of executable prices coming directly from liquidity providers. High liquidity, asynchronous spot prices and low latency guarantee the tightest possible spreads.

    Graphical analysis
    cTrader charting is packed with features to suit the needs of any and all traders. Get the view of the market you need, when you need it with our different presentation modes, layouts and customizable templates. Don't miss your entry - identify trade opportunities with cTrader's extensive indicator library. You can even build your own custom indicators, download other custom indicators, and combine indicators together by using one to reference another. cTrader charts feature 14 time frames to suit different trading strategies and help traders develop a market price projection.

    ChartShots & ChartCasts
    There are two distinctive features that make a difference between cTrader and other trading platforms and terminals:
    ChartShots is a great way to share ideas, trading examples and technical analysis strategies with other traders. Set up your chart and click once with the ChartShots tool to open the image in a unique URL with multiple sharing options available. You can embed the chart directly into your web page or blog, or post is straight to your Facebook, Twitter or any of 300+ social networking sites.
    ChartCasts allows you to share the diagram with two clicks; you can import a “live diagram” in to a blog or a website.

    Automatic update and technical support
    cTrader will update automatically on every launch. Updates are frequent, and the process takes no time at all. Client and trader feedback are at the top of our consideration when deciding on new releases. As a user of cTrader, you have a direct and significant impact on the development of your trading platform. The developers make giving feedback easy and faster by providing a Feedback button at the bottom of our platforms, so users can offer suggestions or report difficulties as they are encountered.

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    this platform is the most popular thing to know that your broker is an STP or ECN broker . i think it will be the best platform if you want to trade with a huge amount of money like 100.000 dollars or more . so i think RoboForex is an ECN and STP broker and that is the best thing in RoboForex broker .

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    I have read from up to bottom . The article is very much explained . I think it is about a new trading platform . Some option is complex and little bit difficult to understand as i am almost a newbie . But it is very clear that it is much helpful for all kinds of trader. It is much safe to invest a large amount .But it may be risky as i am new .It also showing about the broker's type.I think it is needed to be checked through a little investment.

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    I think cTrader helps to apply the quick investment policy for investor. one hand it is very squire for cTrader but as well as need depth knowledge about this trading system. cTrader can graphical result from its systematically graphic option. cTrader can gather information as their need from ChartShots & ChartCasts. Finally it is a automatic system for necessary feedback.

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    wow, seems like this c trader is really great. And can the bonus for posting implemented with the c trader? as i really want to try it out. But my question in here is about the action price. will the price suddenly jump and show a completely different spread when the market closed?

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    It is very important to knwo that the most outstanding feature of the c-Trader is the ability to get filled without a single requotes, this is one things that i have noticed about the c-Trader, i think that the company does not allow partnership with brokers that are dealing desk, i have tied this with some brokers, and the effect is still the same till now, or what do think?

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    sole traders work alone and by this all profits will be taken by him there are no partners , sole traders are in unincoprative businesses so they have no limited liability so the owners private are not seperate from the business so if he did not give money to a creditor or did not pay the debt the creditor has the right to press charge on him and make a case , so the owner will have to start selling hi personal properties .

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    Thank you sir for giving some information about cTrader platform. and I think this information will be helpful for us. and we can use this platform easily. but I have a quotation about cTrader platform and web trading system ? is there any deference between them. because I think both is same but what is real ? I am confuse about it.

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    thanks before giving information about ctrader platform, i m newbie some information i know that
    This plaform is realy easy interface dont like metatrader i like it because so completely tools,interface is interesting because easy for analysis...,ctrader platform most populer so easily,

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    After reading your thread regarding ctrader am really impressed with its qualities,especially with its ability to easily take snap shot of your platform,you know it would really help traders on the roboforex forum to share there ideas practically,ctrader would defiantly do good on this forum.I have a very important question,what accounts are allowed to trade on ctrader.

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