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Thread: Questions and answers on the cTrader trading platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboForex Administrator View Post
    Here You can ask your questions on the cTrader trading platform.
    from the angle of execution to market, better which? is mt4 or ctrader?
    this ctrader original product robofx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rejeki View Post
    I just want to know,,,
    that If I open one click trading then will I able to put stop loss and take profit in a trade or not? thank you
    You know I must compliment roboforex for including one click trade one there platform,its simply coming back to your question,defiantly you can include stoploss and take profit even before you place your order,that's the beauty of one click trade as its name implies placing all orders at once (which include take profit,stop loss and also volume)its basically a good tool for scaplers.and the good thing about it is that it's available on all trading try it out,you'll have no regrates

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    I think cTrader platform is the latest version which is introduced by forex company,this platform is especially designed with ECN brokers,there are many good qualities of using that platform,and it's best if roboforex also providing that platform to their clients to make their trading very easy,i just want to ask that what's the main difference between mt4 platform and cTrader platform..

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    it's similar to the meta trader 4 trading plat form but it's features are good and eye catching commonly mt4 is plat form that we are using but by the time changing in trading requirment it's working for us.

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    I just want to know one thing. If i just activate one click trading then will i be able to put stop loss and take profit into my order. And also can i use and load custom indicators in cTrader. If yes then please tell me how...Is this trading plat former is similar to mt4 or its different to use. It will be great if some one help me. Thanks...

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    Why the spreads is a deferent between the cTrader and meta trade 4 I think it is less but I think the ctrader is more quickly system in the same time the meta trade 4 is very professional platform and have a huge futures and tools to success

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    at first i am trading with cTrader trading platform and for that i am facing with various problems for opening and closing trade or for making any pending order.i am a beginner trader and have practice with mt4 i want to know have there any demo account for practicing with cTrader trading platform?

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    Please sir, i have being wondering about this c-Trader because it is very new to me in the market, and the brokers that are using it have very low spread on it all. My question is that, Is it the company that made mt4 platform made the c-Traders platform too? Why is it that all spreads on the c-Trader is always very low?

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    recently I know and know cTrader. there is a demo on the broker side and use platfon cTrader competition. for friends who are new to it difficult and confused, but eventually also use cTrader good, all-round hygienic

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    Hi please any one tell me the use of cTrader how to use it and how is the charting and money management system of cTrader is this trading helpful for traders or not?

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