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Thread: Questions and answers on the cTrader trading platform

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    We would like to understand the entire points associated with investor within short. And it is presently there any kind of niche buying and selling upon investor compared to buying and selling within Meta investor four or even Meta trader5? As well as the program associated with buying and selling within investorI am not so much familiar with ctrader.Is it an ecn platform?Is there any chance to use take profit or stop loss options in the trading?

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    I don't know the difference between mt4 and ctader???Please explain here if anyone know about it clearly for the sake of us new traders.

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    How do I register on platform c trader? How do I trade and is easy on meta trader? I haven't used it at all, and I want to use them and see how they work
    And can I put the indicators of meta trader and what is the difference between c trader and Almaty trader? Please answer my questions, thanks

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    if using this ctrader platform is faster than mt4 or mt5 in terms of executing orders?

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