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    When it will be next time?

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    I want to ask that now your webinars are available in this forum because your post is posted several years ago. I want to learn about this business because I am new in this business and the good webinars are help me a lot to learn about this business fast and then I will be able to earn good income on daily basis from forex business.

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    It is a good webinar because it will help in knowing the weak and strong market and this will make taking of the decision of trading better and more effective and more profitable, this is one of the big problems for many traders that do not know how to determine the strong and weak conditions of the market and this make them confused and could not be able to take the proper decision of trading

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    you might finds yourself in a tight situation whereby, this might be the only option that you have to make the decision on that day, Please let me know your response about the weekly this trade is how to do this trade with more leverage with which we trade better to trend up and trend down is the best way to Forex analysis tools only what you need is to focus on learning.

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    The top down analysis,i want to know if it covers support and resistance levels because i want to have more knowledge on how to get the best on support and resistance.However i hope any question i ask in the webinar would be answered.I would also like to know the time in order to compare with my local time.Thanks for your willingness to share your ideas on top down analysis.

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