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Thread: Will reading books really help you in trading?

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    We should have knowledge and skills to get profit in this field.
    Learning and practice make us perfect. There are many ebooks helpful for us and we can get profit by learning with the help of this knowledge.i have downloaded some ebooks and these books are helpful for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozard007 View Post
    It is actually the proper preparation to the working in the forex market, during my own trading times and learning s well, I read books so many times. The more the trader look to work in the market, the more the trader will be seeing many books to work with. But it is not just reading, act on it , and you will se it worth it.
    reading about trading is very good in this business when new to trading personally i learn how to trade the market by myself and it was reading through many site and practicing that got me better,the most important thing is for a trader to understand what he/she is doing trading or new to trading

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    Before we can develop or create our own trading theory or trading strategy, we have to learn first.Learning by reading is a very good choice.Those books are written by people who have succeeded in this trading market and they share their ways and thoughts about how to trade successfully in forex market we should listen to them carefully.

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    I agree with this educator that only study is not sufficient to become a good and skilled trader. We need to continue practice aside of our study. demo is the best practicing field where we can continue practice freely. This is a good education tools through which I came to learn many new things which will increase my skill level- no doubt.

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    [lang=ms]Reading books increase your knowledge and intellectual abilities only, but unfortunately when heading to a demo account find that dealing with Forex is difficult and not as stated in the book, so I would recommend that everyone learn through educational videos that invade the world of the Web[/lang]

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    yes reading books will definitely help the trader in trading because books will give us the knowledge of market its rules and regulation and also the tricks which can used by the trader to earn profit and to be successful in this trading business.

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    i don`t think so :( .
    because if we only read and read more of book we will put all that knowledge in our mind . without any understanding .for me the best way to learning read only the important books that one talking about money management and analysis . let me explain please . did you hear before about the over dose !! when we read a lot of books about forex market we will have over dose of reading !! that is really bad thing for any traders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Confirmatory bias

    The main thing that 90% of trading books do – they show you how your ideal setup would look like. By the way, it’s not only trading books, most books on success and personal growth also do the same thing. They tell you what you would need to do to get to point B from point A. But, they don’t tell you what you are not expected to do.

    The better advice for the field where 90% fail to survive, will not tell you «how to achieve your goal», but rather how to survive in a process of testing and probing your ideas in a process of real trading.

    Warren Buffet once had said that «Investing process is saying «no» to 90 proposals and «yes» to just one proposal».
    Best trading books that may change the way you think, will not tell you what to do in each and every case. They, instead, will focus your attention on nuances, details and obstacles that are rarely spoken about. Nuances make difference between amateur and professional trader.
    I will provide small list of books that helped me some years ago.
    I have read some article that discuss about confirmation bias. In my opinion many people just look the other opinion to support their opinion. I try to figure some example, Mr. A always says that the forex market is not good for earning. Although there are many successful trader spread out. But Mr A just looking for the case for support their idea. He never read paper contain 'Success Trader'. This is called confirmation bias.

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    yes book are always help trading as well as every by which considering that the no matter whether i read book then i gain knowledge or While i acquire knowledge we can earn much profits with Forex trading or additional trading. here You may gain quite a few experience to be able to face any kind of situation a great my spouse and i can improves OUR strategy.

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    I feel yes reading books does helps us. Because the values and ideas which we obtain in the famous books is from different traders experience and it is costing less and saves lots of time and energy for the traders when they learn from other traders experience. Reading and re-reading such books is what i like to do.

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