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    yes in the trading business we should take care of our health because many new traders use their heart to earn a lot of money in a single day but i am not a person about that and now i have my good skills in the forex market and this is a good way to trade in the forex world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khimi234 View Post
    Thanks for this very nice sharing yes my friend for sure I will take rest and will take care of my health hope you are also taking rest between your trading time I think you are right that we should keep rest time to time and should take sleep at least 6 hours everyday that will be best for our body and mind too
    People says, mind is good health is also good" We should take care our mind at trading . We know that, trading working high pressure full business , So, every trading time need good mind that mean cool mind and step by step toward to live market ,become freely success in Forex.

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    Health is very crucial for traders as it is crucial for every traders . As a trader it is necessary to keep yourself fit physically and mentally and keep yourself in line to compete with one of the best. Regular health conscious diets and meditation can help you achieve the level need for your trading.

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    i kinda wonder why pepole think trading will affect our health,the only set of trader that this business can affect their health are the trader that do not make time to learn how this business done and trader that trade the lower time frame when trading am a long term trader i dont spend much time with the market when trading

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    in Forex trading have traders are trading with full of attention and also involved full time trading in market and always doing analysis so that they falls in problem of health for that reason they may be get loss in trading so they need to take care their health.

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    Thanks for The Post RinaJi, I am sorry to hear about your Health problem, May Allah solve your issue soon, but you have written a good & a valuable post for all of us, I really Take care of my Health always because after trading hours I play cricket once in a week always to entertain myself & you are right that if you have no good health then what is the use of having so much money, they all become useless for all of us, because when we deprive of a good health then what can we do for further or in-future, so take care of yourself & Health as-well.resting your Eyes is very important Traders strongly need to have a rest to your eyes too thanks.

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    we also take care of our health in the forex trading business because it is very good for all of us and i love my Forex strafing strategies and they are all very good for all of us and i love to live with my best health because patient are very sad propels in the world and we should care of our self

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    Great advise @rinaji and I wish I can meet you in possible. Thanks for this great warning. It is true that some forex traders barely have time for themselves this is because they are usually occupied. But it is not the best a forex trader must try as much as possible to give time for exercise after all, health is wealth.
    Quote Originally Posted by rinaji View Post
    Take care of your health...
    Hi all members, I am pleased to be making a thread again, could share more with you all beloved members.

    Why I create a thread with a health topic? Because I've got health problems for several months. I have a problem in my gastric (gastric acid). Yup, I have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). I was in shock after I did check lab (endoscopy), and doctors pronounced GERD to me.

    I feel my life is over, I do not have a zest for life, my life really is dead, although my body can still do activities, but my activity is very limited, and my diet really should be tightened. I do not know how long I will be like this. I could not last a long time to do an activity, my body feels weak. Now I live with medicine, I can not get away from medicine, because I would feel sick when I do not take medicine.

    But today I really had high spirits, I should have a passion for life. I must be healthy. I have to advise you. "Take care of your health". Because health is everything. What is your dream in this world? What do you want from forex? Wealth? Luxury cars? Luxury homes? Everything is not going to be useful if you have health problems (not healthy).

    Members beloved, remember about it, make me a bad example, I never pay attention to my health, I forget to exercise, I forget a good diet. Now I really have a big problem. How much money do you have right now? Are you a millionaire? Everything will be useless if you are not healthy / have a health problem. Healthcare is expensive. I've spent thousands of dollars for treatment, but I still do not get a lot of changes, my life is completely restricted. And the important point is: "I can not work optimally". I have lost the strength to live. But I still have high motivation.

    Maintain the body to keep it healthy is not easy. High intensity work can make you do not have time to pay attention of health. Even ignoring the diet. What's more, there is no time to exercise. My routine as a trader, sitting for hours in front of a computer makes me almost never perform meaningful physical activity. It should be noted ... I've been working in the online business for 7 years. During that time I did not pay attention to my health. Online business is identical to the brain work, especially forex trading. You need to know that excessive brain work, without balanced with physical activity, which means the potential to cause stress. And stress will have a negative impact on your health. Working as a trader will allow you to get health problems if you do not really pay attention to your health. Especially if you always get stressed when you got big loss in trading.

    What can you do?
    Health is the main capital that must be held in order to work optimally. Some tips from me (now I really do this as a daily routine).
    - Take a little time for exercise. Do not have to go to the gym, simply by walking looking for a comfortable and breathe fresh air.
    - Rest your eyes a break from the computer screen. Being in front of a screen for hours will make your eyes tired. You can walk to the window and refresh the eyes with staring at the sky.
    - Sitting for too long will make the body feel stiff. Stretch on some parts of your body, such as the shoulders, arms, back, hips and ankles and hands.
    - Coffee is a favorite drink for me. However, excessive consumption of caffeine is not good for health. (Now I've been forbidden to drink coffee). My advice for you: Two cups of coffee a day is more than enough.
    - Reduce, or if possible, stop smoking.
    - Avoid fast food as lunch menu.
    - Do not use your holiday time to work. Make sure you have time for refreshing. Usually traders will use their holiday time (Saturday and Sunday) to study or evaluate the performance of the last weeks, you should stop doing it, unless you take an hour or two hours. The rest, use your holiday time for refreshing and resting.

    A healthy body will affect your performance. How can you work / trade well if you are sick? Therefore, you can try the tips above health. A simple way would be very useful but if you consistently apply it. Make my experience as a bad example. Start thinking to "take care of your health".

    Hopefully this thread is useful...

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    yes, it is true that without proper or suitable health we can't trade here .Forex is not easy business so that we can easily earn here .In this market we need to cool brain so that we can take our decision very easily. Health is our main wealth in this world so we can't hamper our health

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    Quote Originally Posted by jony92 View Post
    yes, it is true that without proper or suitable health we can't trade here .Forex is not easy business so that we can easily earn here .In this market we need to cool brain so that we can take our decision very easily. Health is our main wealth in this world so we can't hamper our health
    If we think that we can't learn easily in here then that is just because you are not too focused yet in here so that you tend to experience a lot of things you can't understand
    and there are difficulties as well like the limitation of one's knowledge as well in this business. Health is not everything in here since if you have the healthy body, it doesn't change that you can still lost a lot of money in here.

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