Slow Moving average trading system
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Thread: Slow Moving average trading system

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    Slow Moving average trading system

    This trading strategy is much familiar with the fast moving cross over trading system
    Thus if you read fast moving average system easily you may can understand it

    This trading works is more better with the higher time frame , so we should at least start with hourly chart , daily or anyone whatever you like

    Indicators : We have to use couple of 7 multiply with 2 and 3 so setting for sma, 7sma,14sma and 21 sma
    How to take entry : when 7 sma break through/ goes through 14 sma and continue in the way and breach 2 as well so if 7sma going up we can buy/ if down we can sell .

    Where to exits !!


    When 7 sma again breach the 14 sma and try to reach near of the 21 sma or test it , hence we have to close the position

    Benefits of this system:

    This trading is a really and extremely easy for the trading , because quite easy to understand , apply indicator one rule for entry/ exits quite similar

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    Nice strategy using simple moving averages. I think this system my be profitable. I will try it...

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    On the other hand, a long lasting shifting regular is considered more slowly as it encapsulates ... In pattern and can be used to induce a business in a Dark Box dialing plan.

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    MA or moving average also I often plug in the M15 and M5 timeframe to see and use some of these indicators is quite easy, and when I saw the price does not penetrate below the MA and MA there then we can sell when prices approach the Supreme Court and then we could be taking 2-10 pips profit

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    well, this is for a long term investment strategy i quess and any trader that can't even trade for the long term won't ever have the emotion control when they loss some money and think rationally. We need to be able to think about whether our investment is safe or not.

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    I think moving average is common part of all technical analysis. Without help of moving average it is not possible to complete the process of technical analysis. Various moving average system are using like, simple, exponential, smoothed and linear weighted. Simple moving average is more popular then other because it is suitable to identify the support and resistant level. everyone should remember that long time moving average is more suitable to analysis then shout time moving average.

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    Nice strategy my dear friend I also got a very good strategy of moving average couple of days back in this forum I love this forum because its giving a very good opportunity of learning and learning moving average is one of the best indicators in our meta trade 4 software i love it

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    I have applied this strategy using combined moving averages but still I'm missing several pip and took more time to decide when the right time to open my position. Slow in here means Smoothed, right? Because I can not find any settings in moving averages that has slow settings. If it is wrong, then this is my mistake. Anyway, I apply this strategy in H1 time frame.

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    Quality strategy there my friend,but I have a question,to ask you o keep noticing you talking about the 7 sma,is it a custom indicator or a default indicator on the meta4 trading platform.

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    Thank you for sharing this strategy with us,i am very familiar with moving average crosses and use them a lot and they are very useful but this is the first time i look at a strategy like yours,i will try to use it on demo account when the market opens and i hope i find the time to post results here so we can continue discussing it.
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