I have set my own style of trading, I am using only one pair EURUSD, I think its monthly trend is bearish. The lot size of my every trade is 0.10 and I open every trade as sell. If the market price will go down I make profit but if the market go to upside (against my trades) then I open more trades with sell order. If market will go again in upside I open more sell trades. At last market moves to down direction and I close my positions one by one and take profit. I think this strategy is very useful and completely safe.
This strategy is best for cent account especially Pro-Cent account. If your balance is minimum 100 USD= 10000 Cents, these strategy is very useful. Do not apply it if you have small capital. You have to open many positions with only sell order with always lot size 0.10
You will get small profits every time but when you see your monthly percentage, It will be very good.