Indicators of France
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    Construction PMI

    Index: advance.
    The managers of the construction sector are polled, they are asked questions regarding prices, new orders, terms, etc. The manager has to answer "yes" or "no" or "unchanged".

    Market impact: limited.
    This is an advance indicator that helps to keep track of the economic cycle. Has a limited influence over the market. The index of 50 points is considered as neutral, it means that all is off-the-shelf over a period, but the above-limit value is an indicator of industrial growth, respectively, the index below 50 points means a decrease in production. The index growth helps to strengthen the euro.

    Published: monthly.

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    Consumer Confidence

    Index: tracking.
    Calculated on the basis of the answers to the questions: assessment of the economic situation in the country, assessment of the proper financial condition and etc.

    Market Impact: High.
    Every segment of population is questioned. Responses must be "yes" or "no." Index has strong influence over the market and deemed an assessment of the Europe-wide well-being. The index growth leads to the strengthening of the Euro.

    Published: on the closing days of each month.

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    Index: tracking.
    The main inflation indicator. Shows the price behavior for the goods and services included in the consumer basket: food, fuel, clothing, transportation, medicine, etc.

    Market Impact: High.
    The price index has a strong influence over the market. It grows in case of country’s interest rate growing, and the national currency is strengthened. People are beginning to invest in a currency with a higher interest rate.

    Published: monthly, in the middle of the month.

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    Domestic credit

    Index: tracking.
    The indicator of the volume of loans originated to inhabitants of the state (residents).

    Market Impact: High.
    The index has a strong influence over the market and records the economic situation in the country. The index advance means favorable expectations of investors, the fall of the index records an economic recession.

    Published: in the middle of each month.

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    Economic sentiment index

    Index: tracking.
    It is influenced by consumer confidence index as well as industrial confidence index. The stock price index and the construction confidence index are also recognized.

    Market impact: high.
    Index has strong influence over the market. It is the most important indicator in terms of the future economy development. It’s advance.

    Published: on the last week of each month.

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    Employment change

    Index: tracking.
    The record of the dynamics of the amount of man-power employed in the economy, except for the agricultural sector. Calculated according to the employing company data.

    Market Impact:
    Strongly influences the market. Increasing the number of the employed population is promotive of the euro strengthening.

    Published: quarterly.

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    Index: tracking.
    Shows the goods and services produced in the country discernible in prices.

    Market impact: limited.
    Indicator is good for forecasting on the basis of other factors that published before, so does not have a high influence over the market. GDP - a figure that characterizes the national economy.

    Published: quarterly.

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    Household consumption expenditure in manufactured goods

    Index: tracking.
    The amount of goods that the private sector has bought during the month.

    Market Impact: High.
    The indicator has a great influence over the market and helps to assess the economic well-being. The best part of the economy falls to the share of Consumer spending, that is why the indicator fluctuations cause fluctuations of the euro.

    monthly on the last Thursday.

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