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    Treasury budget

    Index: tracking.
    Indicator of the U.S. budget filling, the report contains information about the budget deficit or black ink.

    Market Impact: High.
    The index has a significant influence over the market. The principal values​​ paid regard are a budget deficit and the supply of Treasury securities. The deficit increase leads to an increase in the number of treasury securities, to be sold to the government for funding the budget operations, and weakens the national currency rate. The deficit increase means enhancement of the government stock supplies and lowering their prices.

    Published: on the second week of the month.

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    Unemployment rate

    Index: tracking.
    The ratio of the unemployed number to the total labor force. 60 thousand thousand and 375 thousand Index: tracking
    businesses are polled for the indicator calculation.

    Market Impact: High.
    The unemployed are only those who do not have a job but are actively looking for it, registered as unemployed. The unemployment rate of 4-5% is considered normal. With low unemployment rate the wages is rising rapidly, especially at the high inflationary expectations. If the FRS interest rates advance is expected increase in of the Fed, the unemployment drop leads to a strengthening of the dollar.

    Published: on the first Friday of the month.

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    Unit labor costs

    Index: tracking.
    The Indicator to monitor the dynamics of labor cost per unit of product.

    Market Impact: High.
    Has a strong impact on the market. Increase in value of output yielded and increase in effectiveness could lead to higher interest rates, which have a positive impact on the strengthening of the dollar.

    Published: each quarter until the 10th.

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    Wholesale Trade

    Index: tracking.
    The indicator of total wholesale trade, it includes sales and intermediates data.

    Market impact: limited.
    Has no influence over the market due to it does not provide data on personal consumption. Inventories in wholesale trade are extremely volatile, it may affect the GDP, but the market has a fairly modest response.

    Published: on the second week of the month.

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