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    Corporate Profits

    Index: tracking.
    The index records the size of company profits for the enquiry period.

    Market impact: limited.
    It helps to determine how the corporate sector develops. The index advance helps to strengthen the dollar.

    Published: once a quarter.

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    CPI - Consumer Price Index.

    Index: tracking.
    The main inflation indicator. Shows the price behavior for the goods and services included in the consumer basket: food, fuel, clothing, transportation, medicine, etc.

    Market Impact: High.
    The price index has a strong influence over the market. It grows in case of country’s interest rate growing, and the national currency is strengthened. People are beginning to invest in a currency with a higher interest rate.

    Published: monthly, on the 3rd workweek of the month.

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    Current account, Balance of payments, International transactions

    Index: tracking.
    The difference between the amount of payments that comes into the country and the amount of payments that comes out abroad.

    Market impact: limited.
    The balance of payments is composed for a pointed period: month, quarter, or year. In case of the incoming payment amount is more than the outgoing payment amount, such a balance of payments is called active, and say that it has a positive balance. But if the outgoing payment is more than incoming, the balance of payments is negative (credit balance).

    Published: quarterly.

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    Durable goods orders

    Index: tracking.
    The number of orders for goods with a service life greater than three years: furniture, cars, etc.

    Market impact: limited.
    The index records how consumers are confident in the current economic situation. Has a negligible influence over the market. If orders for durable goods are rising, it means that the economy develops and the rate of local currency grows.

    Published: at the fourth week of the month.

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    EIA Natural Gas Storage

    Index: tracking.
    The index records gas reserves in the U.S.

    Market impact: limited.
    If the economy is rapidly developing, the demand for gas is growing. In this case at the gas reserves growth the rates can be unaffected. But in case of cutback of economic activity and reserves growth, then gas prices are falling. The demand for gas is determined according to the level of reserves. And prices for gas depend on it’s demand.

    Published: every working Thursday.

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    EIA Petroleum Status Report

    Index: tracking.
    Amount of hydrocarbon reserves in U.S. stores.

    Market impact: limited.
    The indicator allows to forecast the demand for oil, from which oil prices and exchange rates are depend on. The index has a marginal impact on the market.

    Published: Wednesdays.

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    Empire State Manufacturing Survey

    Index: tracking.
    Each month 175 managers of industrial enterprises of New York State fill out a questionnaire, indicating the changing of production indices as compared to the previous month. The PMI is calculated on the basis of these data.

    Market impact: limited.
    A positive index indicates that business conditions are improving at the most companies. The index has a regional character, so has a marginal impact on the market. If the index rises, the dollar is strengthened.

    Published: 15th of each month.

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    Employment Cost Index

    Index: tracking.
    The index, which records how much payroll rate has changed. Wages and unemployment benefits are taken into account in the index calculation.

    Market impact: limited.
    The index helps in the overall assessment of the situation with the cost of labor. If inflation is not expected, the index is disregarded. In case of expectation of the interest rates rising, the index advance leads to the strengthening of the dollar. The employment cost is great for long-term and medium-term forecasts.

    Published: in 3 weeks after the quarter end.

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    Existing home sales

    Index: tracking.
    Indicator of the number of homes sold during the year on the secondary property market.

    Market impact: limited.
    Construction is always associated with the population income level, so this indicator records the consumers’ confidence. The growth of home sales has a positive influence over the local currency.

    Published: in 20s of each month.

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    Export Prices

    Index: tracking.
    The index recording the changes in export prices for the month.

    Market impact: limited.
    Does not have a high influence over the market. The index growing on expectations of interest rates development strengthens the exchange rate.

    Published: in the middle of each month.

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