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    Exclamation Bonus is not Received Yet

    Today is the 6th day of June . But Still now i do not get my bonus in my trading Account . So please inform me when i get my bonus .

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    me too today is on the 9th of June and i have not gotten yet

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    yes me too, but i believe they will solve it as soon as possible

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    I am also my friend did not get the equivalent conductivity did not know Mazl did not lead me to the letter so far, I hope to clarify the reason for the flag, I've got to delete the 5 points also do not know what it means, please help fraternity members in this topic

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    Everyone already has received the bonuses, for the confirmation you may can see payment proof thread!
    The reason, not you got the bonus can be following;
    You have lost the prior month bonus, if yes then from the date of SL add 2 months and then request for the bonus
    You might not have fully verified client profile !
    Your posts wasn't good thus we have decided to cancel or null the bonus

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