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Thread: After getting the huge loss how we get the motivation in the trading ?

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    I get to be motivated by thinking in a positive way and also then making sure that the reason why I had lost my money don't happen again. IN forex trading market, if we don't take huge risk then we can survive the business and make consistent amount of money from it. If we loss then we learn from the mistakes made.

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    I think the loss is the part of the forex trading business and being a trader if you get the loss in the trading then you never lose the hope in the trading and try to be confident in the trading and think positive and i think if you concentrate well that time then you take the good decision and recover the loss in the trading.

    when experiencing a large loss, it is not uncommon to show despair and no longer want to be in the world of forex trading.
    feelings that arise like this are natural and human. especially after you experience a substantial loss.
    you need to reflect and introspect yourself, open your journal, and examine it. do not forget to calm yourself first so that your mood returns cheerful.
    there are times when you need to chat with other friends or traders. share, brain stroming. this is so that you are motivated again. once you are stable again, you can recover your losses again.

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