Who are the loser in Forex?
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Thread: Who are the loser in Forex?

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    Who are the loser in Forex?

    I think, the following person are the loser in Forex:
    1. greedy
    2. do not follow proper money management
    3. lack of learning
    4. emotional

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    Well I think these all are looser in this business no matter you are greedy, or emotional and if you are not learning properly and not following proper money management then you will also loose money here so we have to do a lot of work regarding our emotion, money management, greed first

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    forex trading is very helpful for us if we work in forex trading with right market terms and conditions and we have trading with experience we make our trading best and we earn better with forex market and we do not lose in the market so experience is must

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    though forex trading business gives chance to all kind of people there are some people who cannot use the chance properly. because sometimes they feel so greedy here and give importance to their emotion. also some people do not have any money management and have no proper planning to trade here.

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    you have mentioned the most important reason for what people get loss in this business. in forex trading business knowledge is everything. so lack of knowledge may give us loss here. also we must need money management. we should not be greedy in the time of trading here. also if we cannot control our emotion then we may get loss.

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    Greedy, do not follow proper money management, lack of learning, and emotional are just the reasons why they become losers, a loser is the trader who are always lose his money in forex trading, he just can make profit for a while before they lose all of their money in a short period of time, this situation continues happening in their trade, all traders have ver had this experience, most of them are giving up, only few traders are able to survive and achieve success.
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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    people who are not well learned and experienced they usually lose in Forex. a trader must have to be enough experienced.he has to be make his own strategy. if any trader trade depending on guessing and luck then he may lose his capital. also a trader have to avoid greed and control his emotion to avoid losing. traders who can not follow these rules are the losers in Forex.

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    yes you are right. forex trading business is a very suitable place for earning money. but there are some trader who cannot use this chance to make themselves rich by trading here successfully. because they do not maintain the basic rule of this business. they do not learn properly, the do not have any analysis, they are so greedy and emotion. so they cannot make profit from here.

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    forex trading business is an wonderful career opportunity for us. the people who cannot use this opportunity basically they are the loser in this business. here we have to maintain many rules. we have to trade with proper knowledge and experience. but some traders do not follow the rules and trade with greed. so that they get loss from here.

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    All these points are very valid to become a looser in this market. I can give more emphasis on our less trading skill and knowledge through which we are not getting the expected benefit from this market. Greed is also a great factor, but the greatest factor is our less trading skill and knowledge.

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