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Thread: What time is convenient for you to attend a webinar?

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    Knowing the supply and demand will going to help us earn more. The more we know how to do analysis the more likely we can end up making some good profit in forex trading. I'm so happy that I can make something good with myself in forex trading right now. I'm lucky to see myself making big income in forex trading. In two to three years time I can earn so good with just doing analysis and knowing the strength of supply and demand.

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    I am a working person and found that the webinar time is perfect for me in the night when I can concentrate on my learning. Lastest webinar is about to start in an hour and the topic this time is Stop Hunting, Dale Pinkert. I am really looking forward to join the webinar. I am looking forward to learn something new so that I can use those in my trading for better and improvement.

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    Any time is good for me to learn about forex market,I see the one who wants to learn don't ask when he can get the knowledge and when he or she can start learning.In forex market the more you learn is the more you gain and the less you learn is the more you loose,

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    i am a student.so time is limited for me.i have no get a long time for working trade.so gm 6+ is really best for me.thats time everything is silent and i ha e no pressure.so i work freely at this time.moreover the webinars are attend in good time you finally get the successfull learning.

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    Though any time chosen by Roboforex for webinars is okay by me because learning your way to success demands sacrifice and nothing good comes easy, there is always a price to pay.But if given the privilege of making a choice, I would prefer 4:00 GMT because that is the time I have for my leisure. I will not consider any thing to much to sacrifice for the sake of knowledge acquisition

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    The most convenient time to attend a Webinar is 3pm in the afternoon where we have a lot of chances to do what ever we want to do, though for me I can attend one at anytime but when it comes to most convenient time I think it 3pm because a lot of people are chance at this time of the day.

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    I'm from Egypt and timely Li is 16 pm GMT Girenic because I like many be busy working the rest of the day and the times so that I can apply what I learn from shaking wonderful seminars offered by Robo Forex company, which helps us to profit from the market

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    transitions between market asia, europe and america market trading is the best time

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    webinar is the best way of learning forex trading and I know webinars the organized by Roboforex is very much improved and helpful for the traders discussed the most important trading strategies and plans. There is question answer session when one attendants can rectify or eradicate his/her weakness in trading. I live in GMT time zone and as I am a employee I have to work all day long. Most of your webinars are organized at our midday and most of the time I could not attend them. Please try to organize them in the various period of time so that the different people of different time zones can get the profit of it. Thanks.

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    I think to follow the webinar, it does not need to take a lot of time, 3 hours in a day, it is very enough, because if too much time, also not good for brain of our mind, we only need efficient time to follow webinar, many things can be taken from this webinar program, in addition we can knowledge as well, we can to exchange ideas with other new traders.

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