Perhaps everyone has a different perception of a success, I feel that I've had success in forex trading, why?
Because at first my goal was to get income from foreign exchange, regardless of the amount that I got was not a problem. And now I've succeeded in realizing my expectations.

But I am going to discuss about success in general.
What are the factors necessary for success? How does the role of a dream or vision that we plant early on to boost our trade activities?
Success itself needs to be defined properly. According to me, success is a mindset. I was successful, success is me.
Not material gain. Nor, tangible achievements. Success is about being and becoming.
A success is anyone who can survive without losing himself in all situations. When do not have money, a successful does not necessarily call himself "not successful". Likewise in forex trading, when you do not make a profit, you do not necessarily call yourself is "not successful".
Success as a mentality or mindset gives strength to endure failure, although many times. Why turn out to be pessimistic if success is yourself?
Whatever you do, if done with a mindset of success, it will give you success in the end anyway. Although destiny is play a role in your success (if you believe in destiny).
Failure in one field or one time only, do not make you a loser. Embrace failure as a way to learn and evaluate what needs to be corrected again. Successful people do not ever be afraid to fail, even with joy and he humbly use this opportunity to learn. Do not fear of failure, "because if you fear failure, you actually fear of being successful."

Many people tend to be afraid to face the new business to be started. Often the shadow of failure is greater than the optimism of success. Any tips for them?

Once again, success is mindset.

Please you give good comments about the success in your version if you do not agree with me. Thanks.