Guidebook for trader begginers
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Thread: Guidebook for trader begginers

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    Guidebook for trader begginers

    Dear trader begginers!

    By this branch we open category, which will be called "Guidebook for trader begginers" Here we will try to cover briefly and concisely all the issues related to trading, which you should pay attention to before you open an account. This column is intended for those who have not experienced the financial markets and stock trading, but has an interest in this type of activity.

    Information materials will be arranged in the format of questions and answers.

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    Question 1.What is the financial market?

    Financial market - is an organized space where are supply and demand (buyers and sellers) to certain financial assets, which are freely traded here: lending resource (money - traded on the interbank market), debt instruments (government or corporate bonds), equities (stock market), commodities (derivatives (futures) market -) and currency (Forex Market).

    From the above we are interested in the stock market, derivatives market, the Forex market and the debt market. There are lots of profit opportunities for investors and traders.

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    Question 2. How to make money on the financial market?

    There are two basic ways to make a profit on the financial market:

    1. Buy assets, expecting growth of prices, and then sell at a higher price.
    2. Open a "short position". This means that you borrow from the broker a certain asset, sell it on the market, expect a decrease of its price and then redeem it back and give the broker. The price difference is your profit.

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    Question 3. How to determine the price of the asset?

    The price of any asset which is freely traded on the stock market and the OTC securities market is determined by agreement of market participants about the cost. For example, everyone wants to buy the stock and shred of participants only wants to sell their shares. In this case, the asset price will tend to increase, because each subsequent transaction will be at a higher price - buyers compete for sellers, sellers get a better (higher) price.

    Similarly, on a market where buyers are in short supply, the price will go down, the sellers compete for buyers, buyers get a better (lower) price.

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    I am very grateful to be a member of this forum. Because I can get a lot of useful knowledge. Frankly when I first knew I just know that forex forex business is a business that can be done with a small capital we can get the maximum profit. trading that I do is based on indicators of candle sticks only. It turns out there are many other instruments that I should learn. such as the theory of supply and demand, and there are still many things I need to learn.

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    Question 4. Who gets the deals on the financial market?
    Market participants are as individuals (investors) as organization, which include banks, brokerages, investment funds.
    Each market is oriented for determine demands satisfaction of the market participant
    For example, the major players of the Forex market are banks, which may represent importing companies that have a need to purchase foreign exchange for payments to suppliers.

    On commodity futures market (derivatives market), the main players are the companies that buy and sell goods and insure themselves against the risk of adverse price changes. Thus, the market helps to manage the risks of industrial production.

    On the stock market, the high rollers are investment funds that invest its shareholders money in companies stock items with the purpose of profit from its growth and contribution by means of dividends.
    Since the production cycles of the economy and consumption cycles do not always coincide in time, it is needed another group of participants, which will realize the intermediary functions. We tell about speculators. In the conventional sense, they buy the product from the manufacturer and deliver it to consumers, earning a profit on this operation.

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    Monetary market : is usually an structured space wherever are source as well as requirement (buyers as well as sellers) to certain monetary belongings, which can be widely bought and sold the following: financing reference (money : bought and sold about the interbank market), financial debt devices (government or corporate bonds), equities (stock market), everything (derivatives (futures) market -) as well as forex (Forex Market).

    In the over were enthusiastic about this stock trading game, derivatives market, the forex market and also the financial debt market. There are several benefit opportunities for shareholders as well as dealers.

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    An comprehensive collection of starter trading and investing books, articles, tools, research and strategy tips. Learn basic strategies for starter inventory investors.

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    it very important newbies read about Forex trading and the point made inhere before even thinking of trading the demo account and moreover all the point made inhere are very useful point even newbies and old trader can get something from

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    i like to share about Forex market. it's basically online currency trading platform between different countries and if we follow forex trading with our analysis skills we can make good money dealing with the help of brokers in this market.

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