Trading made simple by MACD levels [Contest]
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    Trading made simple by MACD levels [Contest]

    Greetings all fellow traders ..

    Account number : 1601158
    Investor password : 123456
    Server : Roboforex demo
    Type : Overbought / Oversold
    Working Timeframe : H1-H4
    Currency pairs : EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY ( recommendation ).. or any


    This strategy is quite simple, so that a beginner can apply it and I'm sure will make profit by consistent when is run by discipline. Based on a simple philosophy. Sell ​​at the highest price and buy at the lowest price. But how to determine the highest price, and where the lowest price. So I took a simple indicator which of course I've tested in the past year. MACD, is often be used to generate signals that are quite accurate, and I use MACD levels, as entry signal.

    Indicators parameters:

    1. MACD ( Entry signal )

    Fast MA : 10
    Slow MA : 20
    MACD SMA : 7
    Levels : 0.002 and - 0.002 ( EURUSD-GBPUSD)
    0.2 and -0.2 ( USDJPY )

    2. ZZ ( Additional indicators )

    Depth : 100
    Deviation : 75
    BackStep : 15

    SELL :

    1. When fast MACD crossing slow MACD. From upper the level line 0.002.
    2. Make sure zig zag line has formed.
    3. Take profit 50-100 pips and stop loss 25 pips-50 pips.

    BUY :

    1. When fast MACD rossing slow MACD. From below level line -0.002
    2. Make sure zig zag line has formed
    3. Take profit 50-100 pips and stop loss 25 pips-50 pips.


    Money Management :

    Use risk reward 1: 2 in each trade. Maximum initial lot is 0,1 % from capital.
    When the trade first touched the stop loss line. Then can be paid when the second trade could succeed touch the take profit line.
    And if the second trade also failed. So on the third trade, can increase the number lot size, larger than before, ... and so on.

    More details will be discussed later .. :)

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