How to take a "Screenshot"
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Thread: How to take a "Screenshot"

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    How to take a "Screenshot"

    1. Find and press the "Print Screen" (often called "PrtScrn")key on the keyboard, it is located in the top right corner, next to the F1-F12 function keys. This will copy an image of your screen into the Windows clipboard. To copy an active window only, press “Alt” + “PrintScreen” keys together.

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    2. Open anyavailable graphics or photo-editing program. We suggest a standard Microsoft program, “Paint”, which is integrated into the Windows operating system. To run the program, go to “Start Menu” ->“All Programs”->“Accessories”->“Paint”.

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    3. In the “Paint” window, go to “Home” menu and select “Paste” (or you can simply press CTRL + V keys). The image of your screen will be copied from the Windows clipboard into the program.

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    4. If required, the resulting image may be edited (add some captions, select, etc.) and then saved.

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    5. To select the type of the file, select “Save as” from the “Paint” main menu.

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    6. Before saving the file, specify the file name and remember the folder on your computer,where it is being saved to.

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