"Strategy contest". Rules and requirements
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Thread: "Strategy contest". Rules and requirements

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    "Strategy contest". Rules and requirements

    «Contest of strategies» is will be held on the Forum of Roboforex company between April 30 and June 27. Any user of the Forum can join the contest. Basic rule for joining the contest is accepting present Rules and requirements.

    Results will be announced June 30. Prizes will be distributed among participants June 30.

    How to participate

    To participate in the contest, it’s required to create a thread in the section of the Forum «Strategy contest».

    One user can create up to 5 threads. New thread can be created only after previous thread is verified by moderator and gets «Contest» status.

    To monitor a strategy, one should open demo-account in Roboforex trading terminal. Fill in name of your strategy in «Name» blank when opening demo account for the sake of convenience. Demo account is necessary to make screenshots describing rules of the strategy as well as executed trades.

    Participant of the contest should make 5 trades or more and provide full explanation of them.
    Every post should contain description of just one trade and the following necessary information: Account number (login), investor password, currency pair, order number (from trading terminal), timeframe, entry point and destination of a trade (buy or sell), screenshot of the chart with entry/exit/stop-loss/take-profit levels and finally, description of the trade. Outcome of the trade and supporting commentaries should be published in separate posts as trade develops.

    We will carefully monitor:

    Copypast from third-party resources is prohibited. Moderators will check texts for copypast in Google and Yandex search engines. Participants must observe all rules for making posts.
    Trading strategies must not be equal. In case of equal strategies in separate threads, only one thread will be accepted (which was created first)

    Status of thread

    After checking contest thread, moderator will give it status:

    [Contest] – thread is accepted for the contest
    [Modify] – thread should be modified by topic starter before next moderator’s check
    [Duplicated] – thread duplicates another thread and can’t be accepted for the contest

    We will evaluate:

    1. Quality of description. How accurate description of signals/entries/exits/ was? Outcome of trades will be also taken into consideration.
    2. Observing rules for posts
    3. Visibility of screenshots
    4. Trade management (examples)
    5. Interest from other users of the Forum

    Every point will be evaluated according to 0-5 scale. Final score will be calculated as sum of points. Maximum score is 25 points for the tread.
    As one participant can create up to 5 threads, maximum score is 125.
    Position of participant in ratings will be defined according to final score.


    Prize fund of the contest is $800 and will be distributed as described below*:

    1st place - $300
    2nd place - $200
    3rd place - $150
    4th place – $75
    5th place - $75

    *all prizes will be given in form of forum bonuses and can be withdrawn to trading account associated with the forum.
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    Strategy contest. Questions and answers

    In this thread you can ask any questions conerning "Strategy contest".

    Related links:

    Rules and requirements of the contest
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    Template for the first post

    To make appropriate thread for the contest, it’s recommended to follow rules described below.

    First post for your thread should contain:

    1. Title of your strategy:

    First, you should provide title of your strategy. For example, «The Bat». You may use words «strategy», «method», «system», but we recommend to avoid it.

    2. Account information:

    Demo-account number, Investor password, Server (if needed)

    3. Parameters of strategy:

    You may categorize your strategy as breakout, pullback, trend-following, counter-trend (you may use your own categorization. Provide information about timeframe you are working on. For ex. H1, M15, D1
    Tell us what currency pairs you will use (if you are not limiting yourself, you may skip this point)

    4. Description of strategy:

    Then you should describe your strategy in no less than 250 symbols. You should provide your rules for opening your position, setting stop-loss, take profit orders, rules for trailing stops. Rules for lot size selection and other information about money and trade management. Also you have to apply supporting screenshot to vizualize rules of your strategy with arrows showing typical setup for entry, rules stop-placement and exit.


    (do not copy this text, it’s just an example and you should create your own one):

    «Simple Moving Average Strategy»

    Account number: 1234567
    Investor password: 7654321
    Server: Roboforex demo
    Type: Breakout strategy
    Working Timeframe: M15
    Currency pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD


    This strategy generates entry signal when price crosses 20-period EMA on M15 timeframe. If price crosses EMA to the upside, strategy will generate signal for buy, if it crosses EMA to the downside, strategy will generate signal for sell. Stop-loss is calculated upon volatility, which is measured by ATR(15). If ATR(15) is equal to 15 pips, stop will be 15 pips distant from entry point. Stop loss is placed immediately after entry. Strategy has no take-profit orders – every profitable trade will be closed by trailing stop that will be placed on the distance of ATR(15) value. Exception is situation when price makes rapid parabolic move on news announcement or other unexpected event (generating volatility greater than average). In this case trade will be closed manually.


    Money and trade management:

    Money management of this strategy is to bet no more than 2% of capital on each trade. 2% will be calculated from current account balance.
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    Template for supporting posts

    Once you’ve created a thread and made decent description, you will have to make trades according to your strategy and to monitor it (to provide all information about your trades in a timely manner and with accuracy).

    To describe your trade, you should provide:

    1. Currency pair and destination (long, short);
    2. Order number;
    3. Entry and exit price, stop-loss and take profit (if exists) level;
    4. Outcome and net profit/loss
    4. Screenshot from the chart

    Also, you have to provide information about your previous trades – what outcome have they generated in pips?


    1. Short GBPUSD
    2. Order 13243546
    3. Entry price 1.6817, stop-loss 1.6829, take profit - n/a, exit price 1.6792 by trailing stop
    5. Outcome +25 pips (+4% per capital or 200 USD)


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    I do not have my own strategy. Can we use other's strategies which we get online and test it? Or we have to make new one? Can any one tell me how to start making own strategy? For example "30sma strategy", How this come that I will use 30 sma? Also for example once I placed two fibonaccies line using two upper and lower. Will it be a strategy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by usd100000 View Post
    I do not have my own strategy. Can we use other's strategies which we get online and test it? Or we have to make new one? Can any one tell me how to start making own strategy? For example "30sma strategy", How this come that I will use 30 sma? Also for example once I placed two fibonaccies line using two upper and lower. Will it be a strategy?
    You can ask about this contest here:
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    Certainly it is a good contest. I am looking forward to participate as soon as possible. But if I use only one strategy, is that OK for this contest. I hope to get answer from any moderator as soon as possible. It is going to be a good contest I think.

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    Is it running now? I think I am eager to joint this contest, but I don't see any trader that join to the contest yet. Where we can open a new thread for this contest? Is it like a demo contests? And how much deposit on the opening demo account? Leverage? Can I trade metal only?
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    happy to hear that but I want to take part in that contest because i like struglling with other smart persons for one goal and i like comptetiones . is ther any body please say to me how to participate in these contests
    and why it is named strategy contests ?

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    I am interested to participate in this contest. If I have more than one strategy, Do I need to make one demo account for one strategy? Or I could use one demo account for some of the strategies? Is this contest will end on June 30 and then will not continue? I think this is similar to Nostradamus contest.
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