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Thread: Evaluating your trading. Part 2

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    They have no uniform level on the Forex market, I try still the Forex market and quality of education in the Forex market preparation and exchange of high-quality education, and effective means to the prepare and try, the high benefit in the foreign exchange market committed to the achievement of the tenderfoot.

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    This was really some good light thrown upon the users to understand their trading bias. Not necessarily losses always means the bad trading, but frequent losses do indicate the bad trading process. Thus, traders should always make sure that they implement some of the ideal trading rules in their trading routine such that they can follow the same and obtain optimum trading result to the positive edge. This is the work which the traders need to do.

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    trade is very very good to be able to and incredibly critical in the event we should create our own trade more rewarding, this is the form of controlling method that will make our own trade will certainly into a superb trade after we create some blunders, so the faster all of us improve our own blunders and then will probably be preferable to generating some income.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy girl View Post
    I do not have a constant level in the forex market, I am still a beginner in the forex market and trying to quality education and training in the forex market and trying for training and quality education and trying to have a successful trading strategy help me to achieve high profits in the forex market
    yes the level on acquintace on presuming the work of the good manage on returning the use with the options to defines of further with the chance on submitting the risks with the distincts of levels to put by the arbitraging of options.
    the more with the technicals on the preference should deliver the precise on accuracy with the less of risks to challange on the winning schemes by the arranges.

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    Getting good trading is not as good as knowing how good trading is being structured in the market, and this is in the planning of the trader, traders should try to ascertain the reference they want in this, and the result will be fine. Never you trade anyhow, this is the only reserve manner to what we say here.

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    Trades will do mistake and it is natural.But if a trader did few mistake in trade that means he is a expert trader.Your article is so much informative and effective.But i like those lines where you shows the difference of edge.It is true sometimes we suffer from false signal like breakout or reversal.If a trader face that moment then he can learn next time what he should do and what was his previous time mistake.

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    Forex is trading is fully unique and risky business. But a trader learn Forex easily and without any risk by demo trading. Demo trading as same as live trading only it has not any financial value. A trader get practical experience by demo trading. If a trader success in demo trading then he also success in real trading. Without demo trading a trader never be a good trader. So demo trading is the mother of Forex learning.

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    Human being creates the forex market for making profit.But problem is how the man using it?If a person work hard regularly and learn from his mistake, control his emotion level with discipline then he must be gain here.At first need to prepare himself for trading.A unprepared person always get worst experience because he never tried to learn from his mistake.

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    It is not all traders who put the best regard to their trading, some will be so emotional and nervous to evaluate their trading plan when they see that the price on the trading chart is moving, they will always want to enter the market regardless of what the trading out come will be, this is very bad.

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