only profit makes you happy?
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Thread: only profit makes you happy?

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    only profit makes you happy?

    Forex trading is a all join for earning.Here we join for earning,not losing.For this reason i think,only profit can make us happy.So we need to always avoid loss and risk.

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    profit, it can make us feel good and because this is the main goals at this business, we want to make a good profit, we want to build our life with the better one with our profit from forex trading business, but, we have to be carefull, because profit is similar with risk, no risk no profit, we can change our profit with risk immediatelly if we can not control the business with well

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    that is true the profit is the goal of our trading and through the profit a true trader can be happy as the goal is fulfilled through the profit gaining, by the way we do not know how much people get help there from us.

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    forex trading is the most profitable business that offers us to make good amount of profit. all the trader who join forex trading are wanted to earn huge amount of profit. but if they get loss in their trading then they are not so happy. only profit can make them happy here.

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    This is very common fact that we become happy with profit and become unhappy with the loss. I am not exception to it. After getting any profit I become very happy which creates my enthusiasm to continue in this profession for better profit. After facing loss I become demoralized and feel sorrow for that.

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    Bro you first learn forex properly, and you think about your mistakes and you can make a good trade, so if you find them when you have your trading needs to be removed so if you want to improve trade

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    Forex market is a place where traders do buying and selling. every trader wants to make profit, obviously profit will make happy as they have invested their money, time and energy to get success.
    But I have observed many traders lose their money and the cause behind is they do not learn proper things and do not spend time also they do not keep patience to get success.
    So start learning from very basic so that you can minimize your losses and increase your profit which will make you happy for ever.

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    Yes, only profit makes us happy because we trade at Forex only for earning and for this we suffer and achieve knowledge by doing hard work. So it is authentic truth that only profit make us happy and for this we have to do hard work and learn proper knowledge about market and by using this knowledge we take right decision about market.

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    I very much hope there is a lot of frustration
    Yes, Foreign Exchange neutral, not fantasy, not to be treasure, deposited in the foreign exchange market trading experience is very important skill to learn, the same, of course, to learn, and a forum to forum to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the bonus money management, you can be successful compliance important to leave

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    I 'm not sure I like the new traders. But I heard that some of the ideas we get bonus get forum posting. Of course, by then we can do business in this forum bonus, true. Market I 'm novice Forex traders bonus I needed, which. I'm new, I'd like you to use the Forex market is not guaranteed, it was also the first business forum.

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    Good knowledge is essential for trading successfully in this risky market. If you want to earn from here you have to know all the things of Forex like as trading. So proper knowledge is main key in forex trading to get a success, because without knowledge you cannot know about the rule of trading .to gain success in trading its very much important to make plans most importantly its very very important to stick to the plan, to do so a trader must not hear any other traders advice once he has made a plan and found the strategy profitable, keep in mind that you and only you are the boss of yourself here and should hear your own advice all the time, it can be right or wrong,

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