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    SignalAM Indicator

    This indicator is very similar to the standard indicator metatrader that much we know is stochastick oscillator, where the workings of this indicator is to do the crossing when there will be a reversal in price. Different from stochastick oscillator is using 2 pieces moving average to form 2 pieces of intersecting lines in the event of a reversal.
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    Trying to study your indicator and it seems to me better than many other indicators. At present I am using MA and I will try to use it in addition to MA. I will try to implement it in my trading to see its authentication. I am completely new in this trade and trying to learn forex from different sources while I have give top priority to learn from this forum.

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    Hello, Thanks to share your system at the first look I have install it it give a good signal whene I have back in shart I hope that continue to give good signale because there is lotof indicato that give late signale so i will try it on demo perhaps it give additional on trades.

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    I am feeling lucky to download thi specially what ea does is to say the hourly statement time to time and note that in mt4 platform but this one is trend signal i am thinking it jsut like forex signal is that so any way i need to set up and see how it works and by the mean time waiting for results and reviews who have used this trend signal alert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dheeraj123 View Post
    I am doing demo practice with this indicator its result is looking good and its working good for me in demo trading account but I will suggest every to add some more trading analysis in your trading we should never depend upon one indicator for buying and selling but for new traders its looking a perfect indicator
    I trade for many years without indicator,the signal which i take from the market,it is good for us to trade like that,the trades really be good like in demo or in real account,i don't see high risk trading without indicator we even get the earning better from trading in that way.

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    I will add to the discussion that I have seen a greater amount of these custom indicators from search engines however I must let you know that they are all great and eagerly guaranteeing, the utilization of them by the dealer is the thing that truly matter. On account of our forex exchanging developers that are improving things in the side that is making pattern worth exchanging this hazardous business.

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    I think in this strategy i will get signal only one or two in every 6 month If i use it in higher time frame.But honestly i say it is good strategy if any time you find it in chart.In my trading i never use indicator.Because i have super confidence on me.I believe that manual trading is best.From my experience if you do manual trading above 5 years then you can learn so many things and will get real market experience.

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    I have few question about this indicator.Which time frame will i use for it.Which pair will be better.How is the take profit and stop loss gap.I seem it is a good indicator but if you use it in your account please share your account screen shot.I have few trust on indicator.But i have lack of experience.Thats why i depend on indicator.

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    This is looking the good custom indicator but the stochastics is based on the moving average smoothing and about this indicator i dont know from which this has been formed.But my personal opinion is that the stochastics will be always better than this as it is used by so many traders.

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    Well any indicator that function like stochastic will be good to identify divergence, overbought and oversold market condition. Therefore this indcator will be very usefull for longterm trading. But it must certainly be combined with other indicators to get good signals.

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