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    if you are trading the forex market using a particular trading system and it seems it is not working out well for you, there is nothing stopping you from looking elsewhere for another one , of course nothing is final in life, there is always a better way of doing things in life but we have to search for them until we have found them out we are not suppose to relax.In life, there is no stopping until we have made it that is the reason people say it is not over until it is over.

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    Hello Kagho and how are you doing i like to red your kind of post because it gives a lot of strength to me especially in this bad time that i am in the business of forex where and when many things seems not to be working out well, yes, i believe that nothing is final my dear, i have failed so much in this business and i was thinking of giving up on the business .

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    In everything in life no knowledge is lost either success or failure. No trader that will enter into the market without the market survey, and with that I believe no perfect strategy in the forex trading and all we need to know is the knowledge we acquire in the training. Learning is more important in the forex trading, the more we train, the more the knowledge will earn.

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    Trading is a probabilities business no winning every time, sometimes you win and lose is coming anytime soon. That's why is a business of probabilities you can predict what is coming next. Every ideal is welcome in the forex trading because it depend on your own strategy and different opinions, motive, ambitious from different traders. Nothing is final on the forex trading.

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    Forex trading is the where the knowledge is never lost. You have to be consistent in your own strategy and learn everyday. Yes, nothing is final in forex business because no amount of techniques and fundamental strategy can give 100% final results in the forex business. Learning Your Own strategy very well is the key to the success. Nothing is final in the forex trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kagho View Post
    YES NOTHING IS FINAL and for this i mean that no matter how your trading is going on now, there is still another way of improving it and making it better and by not accepting this we are able to come up with options which improves our trading
    In fact many traders give up and leave this business despite many threads and articles that provide this kind of motivation, but we can not always stay without us knowing that when we will succeed. It's a business, just like any other business, a person may feel desperate and thinking about leaving this business if he or she does not find success for several years, especially for those who are full-time traders, while they must have income for their lives.

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    [lang=ar]Well, I guess you're right. Because I always lost and lost. So sometimes I tried to retire from the forex domain. But I've always found out it's not the end. It's only the beginning. So whatever happens to you and no matter how much you lose, don't despair. The road to success is full of problems and obstacles . Always try to Learn some New strategy.[/lang]

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    Nothing is final in a business you can never be hundred percent sure of your profit or loss.You have to concentrate more on your skills and continue to improve them because changes go on and you have to cope up every situation.

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    Nothing is final because journey goes on and you face lot of ups and downs if you lose your courage at the time of distress then you can't move ahead. Consistency is essential to be successful Failure is one of the stairs to success so keep working and learn from your previous experiences.

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    Definitely there is never a hundred percent sir tenneti in this market because always there is a two way situation and if there are foolish people wire and at the same time various people are also there. So it is a tug of war at all times and what you have to do is to create a short of compromise and you have to think that whatever needs to be done should be driven by your plan.
    If you Try, You risk Failing: If you don't, You ensure it.

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